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Monday, November 29, 2010

Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver Video U2

This is an idea that I have had for years and have been encouraging systematic silver purchases to close down the fiat currency system. If you want to go back to a gold/silver standard, you need to start moving out of paper in all forms. Silver is the achilles heel of the bankers. JP Morgan has 3.3 billion oz of silver shorts that do not exist. That is equivalent to all the gold mined in the world back to Nefertiti. U.S. Eagles sales have skyrocketed this year and in the current month. Silver is in such short supply that the regular purchases by you can destroy the fiat currency scam that is responsible for all the ills in the world today, from TSA fondling of your family jewels to all the paper funded perpetual war culture. Now we are going back to Korea? Is that the domino theory back in play? Secure your wealth and save the Republic, buy Silver.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

JFK Speech On Secret Societies: Anniversary of his Death

My parents worked on the Barry Goldwater campaign, I most likely would have been a supporter of Barry Goldwater, but the power of Kennedy's speech here is undeniable.

It is alleged that JFK, sought to eliminate the Federal Reserve Bank. I do not know whether that is true, but today the U.S. Mint just broke the all-time record for U.S. Silver Eagle sales for one month and subsequently for the whole year. Rayelan has been an advocate of a return to a Gold standard for over ten years now. Physical Silver Bullion possession is the achilles heel of the Federal Reserve Banking system. Silver supplies are at a 700 year low due to industrial consumption and the massive suppression of Silver by the banking system over the last 30 years to prop up the dollar. The single most important act that you can do to eliminate the Federal Reserve bank is to buy Silver bullion in any form and hold. Not only will you be benefiting from the greatest commodity play of the last 100 years but you will also be helping your fellow American end the Tyranny that has been raining for the last 97 years.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mortgages Have Bankrupted U.S. Banks

Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, they are all bankrupt from Mortgage losses. This has been fraud from the beginning of the fiat currency system. Good riddance,how fast can we bury the bodies? Move into hard assets such as Silver. Silver is the achilles heel of the banking world. There is so little of it, that Joe Mainstreet can actually buy up most of the world's supply and end the ponzi scheme known as Comex.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

5 Alarm Fire on Silver @ Comex for Monday Nov 15th

Comex traded 1.66 billion oz of Silver on Tuesday Nov 9th, an all-time record. That is 3 times the whole worldwide Silver production in a year. The flight to physical has commenced. To scramble to convert to Silver Bullion, Paul Bea @ monex 800-949-4653 x2172 Use Kevin from Goldmoneybill.org as a referral. The end game is on now. Massive shortages in Silver are happening now. U.S. Silver Eagles sales have tripled in the last week and the month of November is on pace for 4.5 million oz, a new record by over a million oz.