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Monday, November 30, 2009

Eliot Spitzer takes on the Federal Reserve

Ron Paul is becoming a star, no shit. Spitzer after he has been dressed down, is now becoming a human being. The banks bad debts are a pile of garbage. The fed is piling garbage on top of garbage on the American people and wants the power to remain above an audit. Thanks Barney Frank, a true american hero.

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China Populace buying Silver now

China populace starting to buy Silver. The gold price is currently running at a multiple of 63x the price of gold. Historically Gold is 16x the price of Silver. In the days of rome, a day's wage was 1/10 oz of Silver. That would price Silver at $190oz right now. Apmex- low-cost silver supplier, very reliable.

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An Argument for Silver at $2000oz

Silver has lagged behind gold for years, even though most of the Silver is now going into industrial applications. Gold has hit it's high, but Silver is not even close to the $50 per oz in 1980. EFT's in gold and silver are both controlled by the same people that have been creating massive fraud and currency expansion in the banking system. The cat is out of the bag. Silver only going up, how high is the question
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Silver is a better investment than Gold

Jason Hommel

Recently many of my readers have been asking, "Why is silver lagging gold?"

After all, in March, 2008, gold hit $1020, and silver exceeded $20, yet here we are now, with gold now above $1145, and silver at $18.33, not even at $19!

The really funny thing is the way the popular media spin the price relations.

When silver underperforms gold, they say, "Silver is not confirming gold's rise, therefore, gold prices are due for a fall."

And when silver outperforms gold, they say, "Silver is exceeding gold's rise, therefore, this bull run is overdone, and thus, gold prices are due for a fall."

In other words, we have a manipulated market. Not only is the price manipulated, but so is the news coverage!

Of course, the media could give opinions the other way, and say, "With silver lagging gold, it shows that gold has much further to run, and also silver is due to catch up and exceed gold's pace, thus making silver the much better buy now." Or, after silver outperforms, they could say, "Silver's outperformance has confirmed everything the silver bulls have been saying for the last ten years." But they never do that, do they?!

As it is, the price ratio changed from 64 on Friday to 62 on Monday, so silver far outperformed gold on Nov. 16th.

Gold moved from $1118.50 on Friday to $1139.80, a rise of $21.3/oz., or a 1.9% increase.
Silver moved from $17.42 on Friday to $18.40, a rise of $.98/oz., or 5.6% increase.

Silver sure didn't lag behind gold on that day!

So, is all news that is bearish on silver evidence of "manipulation?" Of course not. Some commentators are not colluding on purpose, they are simply willfully ignorant.

The silver to gold ratio is the red line. You can see it topped out at 100 in 1990, when it took 100 oz. of silver to buy 1 oz. of gold. This ratio dropped to nearly 50 in 1997. It went back up to 80 both in 2003, and 2009, and now has gone back down to about 64, and now 62 today.

So, depending on the time frame, silver has out paced gold, or gold has out paced silver. As the red line goes down, silver is better. As the red line goes up, gold is better.
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But if you use a selective time frame, only 10 years, you can see that the silver to gold ratio was about 60 ten years ago, and is 62 today, showing that gold slightly outperformed during that selective time period in question. But what is the main thrust of Gary's argument? That the future must be like the past? And that the past only consists of the last ten years? Clearly, neither premise is not even remotely true, and the entire argument would deny the reality of economic cycles. Clearly, Gary is not ignorant of the economic cycle, so why did he forget that his argument would not be valid? Did emotionalism get the best of Gary?

As we can see from the big picture, Gold would have been a better investment than silver until 1990, the key turning point. Gary's claim to the foundation of his "correctness" is being good at making interim market calls, and that he is old. Did he tell his subscribers to load up on silver in 1990? I have no idea. Did Gary tell his subscribers to load up on silver when it hit $8.50/oz. in the last year? No. I know. I've been a paying subscriber of his since he tried to discredit me. In his own words, "His "market calls" were utterly useless when it mattered."

Furthermore, the dollar/gold price charts, and dollar/silver price charts do not "tell all" as he claims. Such charts contain zero information about how many dollars have been printed up in the past, and have yet to show up in futures prices of the metals. Such charts contain zero information about how much silver has been consumed and lost in the age of electronics that have ended up in landfills at concentrations too low to economically recover. It is only bad theory that the price charts contain "all the information" you need to know to make a future prediction on prices.

The charts Gary chose to present are not even "objective facts". All gold/dollar and silver/dollar price charts are misleading, as the dollar is not a constant measuring tool, but a varying one. What if I showed you a growth chart of my 15 month old boy, but used a ruler made out of silly putty and stretched it at different rates at varying intervals? Certainly, nobody would call such a chart an "objective fact". Charts are also not "objective facts" when you can produce them over select time frames to distort the overall picture. Gary's price charts from the year 2000 are not as useful as the long term ratio chart above, if you want to try to use a chart to make long term predictions.
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Is anyone here planning on living for longer than a time frame of the next ten years? (Well, Gary might not, he's old, remember.) If you plan to live longer, you might want to consider longer time frames. I know I want to. After all, I'm only 39, and if I live to be 90, I can use an investment that might not pay off in 10 years, or even 20, but should come to fruition within my time frame of up to the next 50 years. For me, silver is it.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

U.S. Mint Suspends Gold and Silver Sales

What do you think is going to happen to the price of Gold and Silver? Go up or down? Kevin Goldmoneybill.org

The United States Mint has suspended sales of gold and silver yet again. 2009 has seen an unprecedented demand for the 2009 Gold American Eagles and 2009 Silver American Eagles as investors have clamored to secure their assets and protect their wealth against the rising tide of inflation.

This suspension in sales is temporary as the U.S. Mint continues to produce these highly sought after coins. At APMEX, we have a very limited supply of both 2009 Gold American Eagle and 2009 Silver American Eagle coins in stock and ready to ship. Buy your gold and silver bullion coins now while they are still available in the marketplace.

Mint shortages have traditionally caused a significant increase in premium – however, at APMEX, we still have these coins available at very reasonable prices. Buy your gold and silver coins today before market conditions change more and prices are driven up from excessive demand.

The news from the U.S. Mint comes on the heels of the recent news of gold's all-time highs. It seems like every day, gold reaches a new high! Already this morning, gold reached $1,186.30 per ounce as investors continue to react to major financial news about gold.

News like this will only drive demand and prices higher, and supplies lower. Get your 2009 Gold American Eagle and 2009 Silver American Eagle coins at Monex while we still have a supply to meet our customer's needs.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

If we went back to the Gold Standard. Gold would be $54,000 oz

The truth is the truth is the truth. All you need is a pencil and paper to figure out that Gold is heading north with Silver about to break into a sprint. Eventually all lies will come out in the wash and the free market will reign supreme. As the dollar and yes the Euro crumple, there will be a mad rush to precious metals. This march is already beginning in certain sectors such as the tiny American patriot community, who buy up to 25% of the world's silver supply. World Gold demand is $80 billion. The world Silver market is only 1 billion. Americans currently buy less than .2% of the world's physical gold supply while they invest about 25% of the Silver market. Clearly, Americans are aware that Silver has more upside potential. If you take the Gold high of $850 in 1980 and you adjust it for inflation with the rigged U.S. government statistics, you should have a gold price of $2,275. If you factor in that there is actually $14 trillion dollars in circulation, then the fiqure shoots to $53,000 and change. Hey, mister can you spare a dime...
The facts are this the price is only going to go north in the next few years with any dips as merely buying opportunites. Until there is an expansion of Gold and Silver mining, there will be no new supplies added to the market to offset demand. We have not even factored in the population growth which has easily doubled since 1980. Eventually sanity will return to the world with the return of commonsense and yes a gold standard. It's inevitable as you study historical cycles.
To read up on the historical relationship of Gold to money there is the Creature from Jekyll Island.

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Silver set to outpreform Gold, Gold at all-time high $1096

Jason Hommel founded the New JH MINT this year to support his national online silver auctions. In 2008, Hommel was selling 5000 ounces of silver per day. He could have sold more, but the turn around times were the limiting factor. It took about 2-4 weeks to obtain 1000 oz. bars, and it took another 3-8 weeks to manufacture 1 oz. rounds. Selling any more than 5000 oz. per day would risk selling out. On a peak day in 2008, Hommel sold 13,800 oz. of silver, which weighed nearly 1000 pounds.

During the fall of 2008, most coin shops around the nation, and around the world, were sold out of silver, and most continue to hold very little silver in inventory.

In contrast, the JH MINT holds over 30,000 oz. of physical silver in inventory at the present time.

After minting nearly 300,000 rounds at a cost of $.50 each but which took over 8 weeks, or minting at $1.50 per round for a faster turn around time, it seemed feasible to found the JH MINT, both to save costs, and to speed up the turn around time.

Opening up a coin shop at the front of the JH MINT was an afterthought. Hommel explains, "I didn't really expect that the community of Grass Valley and Nevada City of about 30,000 people would be able to support a coin shop of our capitalization and size. Usually shops of our size are located near a big city. When my family was buying silver and gold, I was driving all the way down to the Bay Area to buy bullion. Fortunately, our national auctions of silver got big enough to be able to support founding the JH MINT, which allowed for space for the coin shop in the front of the building. So, technically, our shop did not need to be supported by local dealing, we do more business on a national basis, shipping everywhere in the USA."

"However, we have sold about 9 times as much to the public than we have bought, so we have had to re-supply from other gold and silver wholesalers. For over 15 years, the opposite was usually the case, where coin shops would generally buy from the public, and then dump to refiners. But in 2008, the public turned into net buyers when silver prices exceeded $20/oz., and when gold exceeded $1000/oz. for the first time.

"I was pleasantly surprised by our good business volumes the first month of operation, which showed comparable volumes to the Rocklin Coin Shop, which has been in operation for 5 years, which we bought in April, 2009. Perhaps our national presence has helped our local marketing efforts, as many locals are aware of my newsletter at www.silverstockreport.com. And also, it seems our national sales volumes are up due to having founded and opened up a real mint, which seems to have helped our credibility, which is important in the gold and silver business.

"Locals living in our historic gold mining district seem to know that gold and silver prices are too cheap. After all, our town's gold mines are still mostly non operational. If gold prices were really too high, then our town would be a gold boom town again, and clearly it's not. We don't have any major new tunnels in construction, we don't have any mine shafts being built, the old Empire gold mine is still a museum, no timber is being clear-cut to support massive construction of underground tunnels, none of that is happening yet. I'm sure most locals are aware of the attempt of Emgold (www.emgold.com) to re-open the Idaho-Maryland Gold Mine, but it's still just in the development and feasibility phase.

Gold may be at "all time high prices" but those are in nominal terms. If you adjust for inflation, the high of $850/oz. in 1980 can be seen to be about $2,275, if adjusted for inflation in CPI terms. But those are "official government" inflation numbers, which understate inflation. A better inflation adjustment might be found in M3 numbers, or money in the banks, but the government is no longer reporting that statistic. Private sources suggest that M3 has grown by about 8 times since 1980, suggesting an inflation adjusted price of $6,800/oz.

Some have suggested that the US government might back the dollar with a 10% gold backing. But that is completely unrealistic. The JH MINT could back the dollar by 10%. To do that you just need to over value gold by about 10 times. If we offered gold at $11,000 per oz., I'm sure there would be no takers, and we could say that we have "enough gold" to back the dollar by 10%. So a partial gold backing for the currency is just a clever way to disguise the current fraud of the dollar. In truth, the US government cannot even back the dollar even 2% with gold. Official statistics show that the US government has 261 million oz. of gold. With money in the banks exceeding $14 trillion (and a trillion is a million million), that's $14 million / 261 = $53,639/oz.

But other researchers show that the US does not even have 261 million oz. (about 8117 tonnes) of gold, since www.GATA.org researchers suggest there was a 3000 tonne gold swap with Germany.

GATA's thesis is that central banks have been manipulating gold prices for the past 15 years, and are losing the battle to keep prices low. Central banks have been selling and leasing about 1000 tonnes of gold into the market each year, which suppresses the price, acting as additional, and unsustainable, supply. In 2008, central banks finally became net gold buyers.

This month, India bought 200 tonnes of gold from a long awaited sale of 400 tonnes of gold from the IMF. But since India was a custodian of IMF gold, this might have been short covering with no movement of physical gold.

India is now importing about 18% of the world's supply of gold, 450 tonnes per year, yet spends only 1% of India's GDP to do so.

I'd estimate that Americans, in general, purchase only about $2 billion of gold per year, out of a GDP of about $14,400 billion, showing that Americans spend 0.01% of GDP on 2% of the world's gold supply. Clearly, American sentiment is not setting the price, except to say that Americans are helping gold prices remain low by not buying it in significantly meaningful quantities.

In 2009, the US Mint has produced over 1 million oz. in Gold Eagle coins, and I'd estimate that gold eagle sales are half of what we sell to the American public. At $1000/oz., that suggests an annual demand of a paltry $2 billion for America.

Of course, many Americans buy the ETF's, or "exchange traded funds" or have "bullion accounts" with large banks. But those are probably all fraud, in my opinion, since the BIS, the Bank of International Settlements, has calculated the "over the counter" gold derivatives of as high as $600 billion, and in "other precious metals" accounts, which would be mostly silver, as high as $190 billion.

Those numbers are just impossibly high, since the total annual silver mine supply is about 600 million oz., which, at $17/oz., is only a $10 billion annual silver market.

It seems that most Americans who are aware of precious metals seem to know better than people around the world that silver is set to outperform gold.

World gold demand is $80 billion, while world silver investment demand is only $1 billion, or 1/10th of the silver market, with the rest of the silver going towards electronics, jewelry, flatware, and movie production.

So world investors buy 80 times as much gold as silver. But at our coin shop, it's about 50/50, with half of sales being silver, the other half being gold. Americans, while mostly not participating yet in buying gold and silver, do seem to understand that silver will outperform gold.

We have many customers who will bring in gold, and just swap it for silver. We don't have any customers who will give us silver for gold.

Warren Buffett made a curious comment about gold in 1998 at Harvard that has been quoted frequently since, "It gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head."

But gold has a perfect utility. It's a store of value. Anyone with half a brain knows that you protect valuable things from being stolen, you don't leave them unprotected, because there are dishonest people in the world. Gold protects men from other dishonest men. And that's quite a useful value, besides being valuable in itself.

And Gold becomes even more valuable, when other men cannot see the value of gold, because that's when you can buy it cheap, like today. And if you can buy gold cheap, then it's not only a good store of value, but probably it will be an excellent store of value, as it continues to gain in price much faster than most other investments.

Since 2001, gold has increased over four times from $250/oz, to $1090, the last quote on Thursday, Nov. 5th.


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