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Friday, November 6, 2009

If we went back to the Gold Standard. Gold would be $54,000 oz

The truth is the truth is the truth. All you need is a pencil and paper to figure out that Gold is heading north with Silver about to break into a sprint. Eventually all lies will come out in the wash and the free market will reign supreme. As the dollar and yes the Euro crumple, there will be a mad rush to precious metals. This march is already beginning in certain sectors such as the tiny American patriot community, who buy up to 25% of the world's silver supply. World Gold demand is $80 billion. The world Silver market is only 1 billion. Americans currently buy less than .2% of the world's physical gold supply while they invest about 25% of the Silver market. Clearly, Americans are aware that Silver has more upside potential. If you take the Gold high of $850 in 1980 and you adjust it for inflation with the rigged U.S. government statistics, you should have a gold price of $2,275. If you factor in that there is actually $14 trillion dollars in circulation, then the fiqure shoots to $53,000 and change. Hey, mister can you spare a dime...
The facts are this the price is only going to go north in the next few years with any dips as merely buying opportunites. Until there is an expansion of Gold and Silver mining, there will be no new supplies added to the market to offset demand. We have not even factored in the population growth which has easily doubled since 1980. Eventually sanity will return to the world with the return of commonsense and yes a gold standard. It's inevitable as you study historical cycles.
To read up on the historical relationship of Gold to money there is the Creature from Jekyll Island.

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