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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jim Rogers Bullish on Silver

Jim Rogers is bullish on Silver because of debasement of paper money everywhere. Not really an insight, but this guy is one of the great traders of all-time.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Little Light On MSNBC Exposes Con of the Federal Reserve

This is a very clear explanation of the Federal Reserve and De Facto Government Con Job. The Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air, loans it to the banks at 2%. The banks loan it to us at 6-20%. Only loan money for houses that are more expensive than the previous buyer. Pull your money out of the banks and buy Silver. We just had a sound money bill passed in Utah, there are some positive changes occurring, but you must accelerate your commitment to sound money, before the obamination starts WWIII. The Peace Prize winner has just started his first war in Libya to steal their oil. Old Style imperialism, enough with these creatures; time to remove them from the scene.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The First Victory in Utah Gold and Silver Again Legal Tender

This all started with the New Hampshire Gold currency bill about 7 years ago. The momentum is such that there are now 11 sound money bills in various state legislatures from New Hampshire to Indiana. Congratulations to the people of Utah, may blessings rain down from the heavens.
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield

This is the most comprehensive article on Silver yet. If you do not run out and sell all your shit and buy Silver after reading this, then nothing short of a gun to your head will get you to pull the trigger. Paul Bea Monex 800-949-4653 x2172 referral Kevin From uscivilflags.org

The Silver Bullet And The Silver Shield
By Silver Shield, on February 25th, 2011

Two of the most common questions I get inside of the Sons of Liberty Academy focus on two things: how to turn back the tide of this increasingly corrupt system and how to financially prepare for a post-dollar world. This does not surprise me, since fear and greed are the two most powerful motivators known to man. What will surprise you is that for once, the answer to both questions is the same answer.

Buying physical silver is by far the greatest act of wisdom and rebellion any American can and should be doing right now. It is both a Silver Bullet to rebel against the Elite’s corrupt system and a Silver Shield to protect your family and wealth in a post- dollar world. Buying physical silver is non-violent, non-compliant resistance. Most importantly it works outside of the system and it cannot be stopped.

“As long as you play by the Elite’s rules, the Elite will rule.” -Chris Duane

Any effort trying to work within the Elite’s paradigm, will fail. The Tea Party march on Washington failed. It failed like the 2010 Tea Party Congressional campaign. If failed because nothing happened, and nothing changed. That is not to say they were not great exercises in power. It just will never bring about any real change because awareness campaigns and marches are not enough. The Elite that control our reality don’t really care what we do or say, so long as we do not threaten the root of their power. We have to hack at the root.

“Let them march all they want, so long as they pay their taxes…”- General Alexander Haig

In this article, I intend to put forth a plan that will fundamentally change the game and do it from outside the system. It will overthrow the Elitist system that enslaves us with debt and do so without a shot being fired. Most importantly, there is no way the Elite can stop it. The plan is quite simple, sell every single asset you own right now and buy physical silver.

As with anything else in life, knowing the answer, is not as important as knowing the “why.”

The “why” is what brings about fundamental change in your thinking.

This change in thinking brings about absolute certainty of the outcome.

Absolute certainty brings about massive action.

Before I go any further, I want to have my “cover my ass” moment. I am not a financial adviser. (You can see my parody of these CONmen in my video Wall St Laughs at Main St.) I am extremely biased and fully invested in silver. Silver is extremely volatile and not suitable for most investors. Look at what happened in 2008 and just yesterday, it was down 5% in 15 minutes. I will not be held liable for any losses you may incur but I will be glad to take any donations if things do go the way I see it. You need to have food, water, guns, ammo and supplies before you should even consider investing in silver full force. The most important preparation you can make is mental preparation and nothing does that better then the Sons of Liberty Academy. Before you let my highly convincing arguments wash over you, take time to do your own do diligence. Don’t make any rash decisions decisions like selling your house, 401k, stocks, and family business to go out and by as much silver as you can get your hands on, with a seven and a half month pregnant wife. Only a crazy person would do that… Right?

“Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money.” – Sir Josiah Stamp, Director of the Bank of England (appointed 1928) and reputed to be the 2nd wealthiest man in England at that time.

Silver is the Achilles Heal of the Elite’s paradigm. By transferring their fake, corrupt paper money into real honest money like silver, it will ultimately destroy of their control of the money/debt. The more money/debt they create, the more it will work against them as we put more of that money into silver. Think of it, every single evil in this world, is only made possible through Elite’s debt/money system. Through the control of the of the privately and foreign owned central banks, the Elite control our money, food, industries, government, media, natural resources, capital markets, military and the ultimately you. It enables wars, propaganda, police state, corruption, pollution, crime, drug trade, disintegration of families, etc. In fact you give me your evil that you fight against, I will show you how it comes back to the very corrupt basis of our money. I intend to show how silver is the antiseptic for all of these ills.

Buying physical silver acts both a Silver Bullet to the all of the evils in the world and acts as a Silver Shield for all that you love in this world.

Buying silver will bring amount more political change than all of the political campaigns will ever do.
It will reverse the tide of wealth from going to the Elite and even to Asia.
It will stop tyranny and free billions from the bondage of debt slavery.
It will bring about a new era of human progress unlike anything we could imagine right now.
If we simply take away the Elite’s power, how fast could we progress as a human race if we did not waste our efforts on debt, wars, and taxes? The Silver Bullet and Silver Shield can and will bring about this change. Now that I have raised the bar to the moon, let’s get this show going.

Buying physical silver can be the Second American Revolution without firing a single shot. In order for a revolutionary idea to take hold, you must feel it in your soul. It is important to know that everyone is not motivated the same way as others. I will attempt to lay out as many rationales as I can for you to commit to this plan and to encourage others to do the same. I will use both positive and negative motivations on why you should buy silver. I will appeal to your rational and irrational desires. I will give the financial, historic, political, geological, mathematical, legal, intellectual, emotional, and even spiritual reasons on “why” to buy physical silver.

To buy or not to buy silver is the greatest decision you will have to make before the worldwide collapse of the debt based fiat currencies. If you do fully commit to this idea, you will be taking charge of your future and I believe you will create generational wealth. If you do not commit to this plan, I bet your grand children will curse and spit at you for not taking advantage of this greatest opportunity ever. I do have a flair for the dramatic, don’t I

Throughout history, Silver has been used as money in more times in more places than gold.

To function as money, a monetary item should possess a number of features:

To be a medium of exchange:

It should have liquidity, and be easily trade able.
It should be easily transportable; precious metals have a high value to weight ratio.
It should be durable.
To be a unit of account:

It should be divisible into small units without destroying its value; precious metals can be coined from bars, or melted down into bars again, with a low percentage cost.
It should be fungible: that is, one unit or piece must be equivalent to another, which is why diamonds, works of art or real estate are not suitable as money.
It must be a specific weight, or measure, or size to be certifiably countable.
To be a store of value:

It should be long lasting, durable, and it must not be perishable or subject to decay.
It should have a stable value.
It should be difficult to counterfeit, and the genuine must be easily recognizable.
Today silver is not used as money since it does not circulate but still provides a crucial role as a store of value.

Why does silver or gold have value? This is a very fundamental question. I think one of the best answers came from a movie call the Treasure of Sierra Madre. An old miner was explaining why gold has value. He said that 1,000 men head for the hills with pick axes and provisions after 6 months only one finds any gold. That find represents not only the labor of the man that finds that gold but that of the other 999 miners that did not find anything. That is 6,000 months or 500 years scrambling over mountains going hungry and thirsty. Think about the luck of finding something so rare. Think about how much energy, labor, ingenuity and time that goes into finding silver or gold. Sometimes it takes moving a couple tons of earth to find one ounce of gold or silver. And here we can buy all of that for less than a dinner for four at your local sports bar.

Why silver and not gold? 95% of all of the gold that has ever been mined is still in existence in some form or another because it has treasured. 95% (probably more if truth be told) of all of the silver that has ever been mine has been destroyed and used in such small quantities that it is gone forever. The Elite and their Central Banks own tons of gold and NO silver. Silver is cheaper than gold, the average American can buy and ounce of silver without much thought. If they wanted to buy even one ounce of gold they would have to talk to their wife about it. This means that when the chickens come home to roost, more people will be able to afford silver on the way up than gold. Gold has very little uses compared to silver. Gold mines are common but silver is mined mainly as a by product of zinc.

The Gold Anti Trust Action Committee has led the charge for years in exposing the bankers’ manipulation of gold. Their investigations and awareness campaigns have lead to a heightened awareness in the investment community. GATA is headed by Chris Powell and Bill Murphy. GATA spent $265,000 to get a full page article in the in the Wall Street Journal asking “Where is our Gold?” This brave action asks the investment community why our Gold reserves have not been audited in 50 years and how much gold we really have. If you are like me, I judge men not by the answers they give but by the answers they seek. This question was a direct assault at the heart of the beast. GATA found out that awareness campaigns are nice but they do not change the game. I remember a year or so after that, Bill Murphy and GATA had a campaign to actually sell gold and buy silver because the battle against the bankers was much easier to win in the silver market. No central banks have silver sell like they do gold. The market for silver was so small compared to gold that very little money would be needed to have the bankers capitulate in their duplicitous acts. When the Gold Anti Trust Action Committee says sell gold and buy silver, you have to pay attention.

Silver has been used as an industrial metal for the past hundred years and not been cherished for what it really is; a precious metal. Industrial metals are metals like aluminum, copper and iron are plentiful and can be used in huge quantities and can be disposed of or recycled. Unlike most industrial metals, silver is used in such small quantities, in proportion to the finished product, that it is not recycled except in photography. Silver has literally been thrown away into toxic trash piles all over the world and thus disappearing. In fact there here is an article showing that for 64 years the world consumed more silver than it produced.

Silver is the indispensable metal, next to oil silver is the most widely used commodity ever with over 10,000 uses. As the world technological progress expands, it uses will explode even further. Its unique characteristics are unlike any other commodity in the world.

Most Reflective of all Metals
Greatest conductor of both Heat and Electricity
Strongly Resists Corrosion and Oxidation
Second most Malleable and Ductile Metal (Next to Gold)
Recently Discovered to be a Very Effective Anti-Microbial/Bacterial
It is used in…

Brazing and Soldering
Clothing (My new dryer uses silver to clean clothes better with less water and energy.)
Coins (Wait until you see the demand skyrocket when the rest of the world wakes up from their Fiat dream)
Electronics (Cell Phones, Computers, TVs, etc.)
Medical Applications (Hospitals have extensive uses of silver for it’s Anti-Microbial/Bacterial qualities)
Jewelry and Silverware
Mirrors and Coatings
Solar Energy (Peak Oil will raise demand for silver until we get Peak Silver)
Water Purification (Clean water is the most basic need for human life and yet clean water is becoming more rare.)
Silver is used in such small quantities and its unique characteristics make it irreplaceable, this makes its price inelastic. All commodities have a self correcting pricing mechanism, except silver. If a commodities price rises too high demand drops off as people seek substitutes or supply rises to meet the demand and thus lowering the price. This does not exist with silver. Silver is used in such small quantities in high tech components and there is NO SUBSTITUTE for it. The manufacturer or customer will absorb the price increase. Silver is now starting to be used in clothing to reduce smells caused by bacteria. What is remarkable about this is that by weight silver only represents 1/40,000th of total inputs. When used in such little quantities price is irrelevant. With over 20 million tons of polyester sports wear produced every year it consumes 1,200 tons of silver or 38 million ounces. Let’s say for example that the average computer has a 1/10th of an ounce of silver in it. (I cannot find how much is actually in a computer, Google fail.) This means that there is $3 dollars of silver in the $2,000 computer. If/when silver goes to $1,000 an ounce now that same amount of silver will be $100. Do you think Apple computer is going to throw its arms in the air and cry that they have to not sell computers because silver is too expensive? No, they will raise the price of the computer and probably advertise that it has the most silver in it. Do you think the average consumer is going to say, “I would buy a computer at $2,000 but at $2,100 no way?!” No, they will find a way to get that $100 so they can the latest Miley Cyrus news.

It is not just the consumer products that are at risk, it is the companies, industries, and nations that are at risk. Apple has a market cap of $300 billion dollars and if a strategic commodity like silver starts having shortages their billion dollar empire is endangered. Companies like Apple will go into panic buying securing any amount of physical silver they can because their entire value added business is dependent on it. They will not buy SLV or certificates of deposit, only the real silver thing. They will whip out their huge check book and stock up. Now you can see why rising prices will actually increase demand. It is not just the Computer industry that is relying on silver; it is the multi billion dollar industries like Energy, Medical, the Military and soon the entire Banking industry as their money/debt system collapses. This directly effects national destinies. Governments held approximately 10B oz of silver in 1950 and have been supplying that physical stock steadily into the market. Today there is no more of that surplus silver left to sell. The nations that manages their resources the best, will win the future.

Unlike industrial demand, monetary demand has no limits. The monetary demand for silver is what will eventually send silver to the moon. Quadrillions of fake money into less than a billion ounces… You can never have too much money, right?

“Paper is poverty…it is the ghost of money, and not money itself.” -Thomas Jefferson

I have seen bright and intelligent men that fail to understand that the electronic digits on their computer screens are not real money. It never fails them though, when they hold and ounce of gold or a 100 ounce bar of silver. A frightening aspect of our society, that we have become so detached from real money that most of us cannot even comprehend real money. Do yourself a favor this week and go to your local coin shop and just touch and ounce of gold or a big fat bar of shiny silver. Then look at the wad of paper in you wallet or worse digits on your bank statement and tell me honestly where you would rather invest your future in.

Infinite money in a finite world. The Irresistible Force Paradox states “What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?” Our debt based monetary system must create more debt every year in excess of the debt AND interest of the year before. (Read The Contrived Drama of the Debt Ceiling.) This coupled with the fact that the more debt/money the bankers create, the more profit for they have. The more money/debt the politicians spend, the more power they have. This sick symbiotic relationship of the “Lender of Last Resort” meets the “Spender of Last Resort” ensures and exponential growth of money. The Elite will keep using the power of the printing press to maintain their power, but will only accelerate their demise. There is a mathematically inevitable end to this system, as infinite money/debt meets the world’s finite resources and ultimately the limits of human faith.
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The more money/debt chasing after fewer goods and services is what causes inflation. Ultimately, people’s faith in the currency will fail world wide. It will become evident that the Elite intend to print the currency into oblivion, ruining the main function of money as a store of value. When this happens people will literally throw their depreciating currency at any tangible asset they can get their hands on. Precious metals will be the main beneficiary of this because of their unique properties, such as they do not deteriorate, and universally accepted. The frightening thing is that it is not just American citizens, it this will be the first time in human history where the entire world is so interconnected and all on the same basic fiat monetary illusion. Stop thinking of another Great Depression and start thinking another Dark Ages. My suggestion would be to, beat the rush and panic now!!
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