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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Malaysian Wiseman Advocates a Return to a Gold Standard

Actually, it is a gold standard to settle international trade between nations. There is merit to Mahathir Mohammed ideas, but it is still ripe for corruption longterm. The return to gold and silver coin is the only solution to prevent the tyranny of government's over it's populace. You may want to even consider copper as a part of a new monetary standard. Gold-Silver and Copper standard....

LONDON: Malaysia's elder statesman Mahathir Mohammed, the favorite politician of the Muslim man in the street and former prime minister, is never far from controversy.

Addressing the 5th International Shariah Scholars Forum, which was held in Kuala Lumpur recently in conjunction with the Global Islamic Finance Forum (GIFF) 2010, Mahathir in an outspoken attack stressed that the "collapse of conventional banking, finance and the monetary system has exposed their weakness and the ease with which they can be abused."

At the same time, in a stark warning to Islamic banks, he bluntly advised them to avoid getting involved in unethical practices in their pursuit to compete with conventional banks. Islamic banking in its current nascent stage, he added, cannot afford any disaster at a time when the industry is trying to gain acceptance as an alternative to conventional banking.

Mahathir is no stranger to Islamic finance. Although not much credit is given to this fact, it was him and his successive governments in the 1980s through to the 1990s and early 2000s that consistently supported the establishment of Malaysia's Dual Banking Model - a conventional banking system operating side-by-side with an Islamic banking system - cooperating but not interacting.

Malaysia has never looked back since then. Today its Islamic financial architecture is the most developed in the world, complete with enabling legal and regulatory framework; a financial sector master plan, of which 90 percent has been implemented; accounting standards; an Islamic interbank money market (the only one in the world); a thriving government Islamic sukuk and notes issuance program; consumer protection and awareness policies and a Shariah-compliant deposit insurance scheme.

In 1998 he also steered Malaysia out of the Asian financial crisis without resorting to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with a cap in hand begging for a bail-out. The Malaysian solution vindicated Mahathir's policies because it turned to be highly successful, perhaps to the secret admiration of the IMF officials.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Massive Silver Paper Fraud 100-1

Here are some facts to chew on. The annual worldwide industrial consumption of Silver is 800 million oz. The annual mining production is about 600 million oz a year. The difference has been covered up to now by recycled Silver. The SLV and ETF markets are 100 larger than the current above ground Silver stores. The biggest financial fraud in the world.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Origin of the Word Money

A hint it is tied up with the oldest profession in the world. They called it sacred prostitution. A wheat bushel was exchanged for a shekel which means wheat.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver Video U2

This is an idea that I have had for years and have been encouraging systematic silver purchases to close down the fiat currency system. If you want to go back to a gold/silver standard, you need to start moving out of paper in all forms. Silver is the achilles heel of the bankers. JP Morgan has 3.3 billion oz of silver shorts that do not exist. That is equivalent to all the gold mined in the world back to Nefertiti. U.S. Eagles sales have skyrocketed this year and in the current month. Silver is in such short supply that the regular purchases by you can destroy the fiat currency scam that is responsible for all the ills in the world today, from TSA fondling of your family jewels to all the paper funded perpetual war culture. Now we are going back to Korea? Is that the domino theory back in play? Secure your wealth and save the Republic, buy Silver.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

JFK Speech On Secret Societies: Anniversary of his Death

My parents worked on the Barry Goldwater campaign, I most likely would have been a supporter of Barry Goldwater, but the power of Kennedy's speech here is undeniable.

It is alleged that JFK, sought to eliminate the Federal Reserve Bank. I do not know whether that is true, but today the U.S. Mint just broke the all-time record for U.S. Silver Eagle sales for one month and subsequently for the whole year. Rayelan has been an advocate of a return to a Gold standard for over ten years now. Physical Silver Bullion possession is the achilles heel of the Federal Reserve Banking system. Silver supplies are at a 700 year low due to industrial consumption and the massive suppression of Silver by the banking system over the last 30 years to prop up the dollar. The single most important act that you can do to eliminate the Federal Reserve bank is to buy Silver bullion in any form and hold. Not only will you be benefiting from the greatest commodity play of the last 100 years but you will also be helping your fellow American end the Tyranny that has been raining for the last 97 years.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mortgages Have Bankrupted U.S. Banks

Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, they are all bankrupt from Mortgage losses. This has been fraud from the beginning of the fiat currency system. Good riddance,how fast can we bury the bodies? Move into hard assets such as Silver. Silver is the achilles heel of the banking world. There is so little of it, that Joe Mainstreet can actually buy up most of the world's supply and end the ponzi scheme known as Comex.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

5 Alarm Fire on Silver @ Comex for Monday Nov 15th

Comex traded 1.66 billion oz of Silver on Tuesday Nov 9th, an all-time record. That is 3 times the whole worldwide Silver production in a year. The flight to physical has commenced. To scramble to convert to Silver Bullion, Paul Bea @ monex 800-949-4653 x2172 Use Kevin from Goldmoneybill.org as a referral. The end game is on now. Massive shortages in Silver are happening now. U.S. Silver Eagles sales have tripled in the last week and the month of November is on pace for 4.5 million oz, a new record by over a million oz.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Silver @ $2250oz in Physical Bullion

You may think I am crazy, but not if you actually looked at the fundamentals behind Silver. You will be running to Apmex to buy in person with your daughter's college money and your future inheritance. Bix Weir of Road to Roota is saying $6000oz for Silver.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Idaho Silver Gem Act Phil Hart

Idaho will be able to pay state taxes in Silver if this bill passes. A state parallel currency bill.

A spin-off of the original goldmoneybill in New Hampshire.

Idaho Silver Gem Act

This is exactly why the New Hampshire Gold money bill was created, so it could spawn other states to take up the initiative if the original bill did not pass.

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Full Bill Information

Individual Links:
Bill Text
Statement of Purpose / Fiscal Note


IDAHO SILVER GEM ACT - Amends and adds to existing law relating to taxes and mining to provide for a certain deduction from corporate income tax; and to provide for the Idaho Silver Gem Act of 2010.

03/05 House intro - 1st rdg - to printing
03/08 Rpt prt - to St Aff
03/16 Rpt out - rec d/p - to 2nd rdg
03/17 2nd rdg - to 3rd rdg
03/18 3rd rdg - PASSED - 51-14-5
AYES -- Andrus, Barrett, Bayer, Bedke, Bell, Bilbao, Black, Block, Bolz, Boyle, Burgoyne, Chadderdon, Collins, Crane, Eskridge, Gibbs, Hagedorn, Hart, Hartgen, Harwood, Henderson, Higgins, Jarvis, King, Kren, Labrador, Loertscher, Luker, Marriott, Mathews, McGeachin, Moyle, Nielsen, Nonini, Palmer, Patrick, Raybould, Roberts, Schaefer, Shepherd(02), Shepherd(08), Shirley, Simpson, Stevenson, Takasugi, Thayn, Thompson, Trail, Wills, Wood(27), Mr. Speaker
NAYS -- Boe, Chavez, Cronin, Durst, Jaquet, Killen, Pasley-Stuart, Pence, Ringo, Ruchti, Rusche, Sayler, Smith(30), Smith(24)
Absent and excused -- Anderson, Chew, Clark, Lake, Wood(35)
Floor Sponsor - Hart
Title apvd - to Senate
03/19 Senate intro - 1st rdg - to Loc Gov

Sovereign Flag of the New Republic

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can Silver Hit $1000oz? Ted Butler

Ted Butler
The other day Jim Cook, the president of Investment Rarities, asked me a question that set me back. "How high do you think the price of silver could get?" I started to answer that, as an analyst, I don't like to throw out price targets, but prefer to dissect the underlying facts and conditions in the silver market. Those facts and conditions will tell us when silver is overvalued. Certainly I felt the current price was undervalued and I started to explain.
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But he cut me off, by asking, "Do you think it could hit $200 an ounce?" I answered, sure it could. And not only that, I continued, it could hit $500, or $1000. Then he asked me, "Why don't you write about that?" At first, I said I wasn't interested in weaving tales about sensationalized prices, as I preferred to stick to bedrock analysis and let the price unfold as it may. And previously I had written about $50 or $100 silver. I told him, even if silver "only" doubled, or tripled, or quadrupled, it would be a phenomenal return, especially considering the low risk at the low price of the past few years. Even a modest price rise would prove that our efforts to spread the silver story were sound and true.

But then I realized that Mr. Cook was right. If I had good reasons to back up possible extraordinary future price projections for silver, why not write about those reasons? So I have decided to do so. However, I'd like you to put what I write into proper perspective. I'm going to write about possible future scenarios in silver for one main purpose - to get you to think and prepare for what may be extraordinary price upheavals in silver in the future. The idea is to consider the possibilities, and the reasoning behind them.

I don't normally dwell on possibilities. In silver, it's easy to focus on probabilities and certainties like deficits, disappearing inventories and the law of supply and demand. I see things like verified short positions and the existence of leasing and a price out of line with all other commodities. With ultra-low risk and what I believe to be a free market guarantee of eventual higher prices, why resort to what many would label outlandish price predictions? I'll tell you why - for the simple reason that those outlandish prices just may be coming, and it would be negligent of me not to discuss them beforehand. Before you scoff at $200, or $500, or even $1000 an ounce silver, please hear me out.

Let me first tell you what I am not including as reasons for triple or high triple digit silver. I am not talking about the end of the world, or the destruction of the dollar or other currencies. I am not talking about silver as money. I am not talking about virulent inflation where you see $200 silver, along with $50 for a loaf of bread or $10,000 for an ounce of gold. While I can't guarantee that those things won't take place, they are not among my reasons for triple digit silver.

I suppose that if the world's monetary affairs go to hell in a hand basket, those holding real silver would be protected. But that’s not the basis for my silver recommendation. Bad things may happen in the future, but I refuse to dwell on them or promote them as reasons for owning silver. To me, silver is a "good news" metal. Its many and varied uses are all about making man's condition better and improving standards of living. I'm a commodities guy and an optimist. I won't advocate silver based on bad things happening that cause price appreciation. Life is too short. The great news is that nothing bad has to happen for silver to hit $200, $500, or $1000.

At the epicenter of reasons for launching silver to the heavens is the coming end of the silver manipulation. This has been my central theme for many years. Despite denials and protestations to the contrary by many, it remains obvious that silver is not priced properly. There is no legitimate free market explanation for such extremely depressed prices in the face of such spectacularly bullish fundamentals, namely, a structural deficit and depleted world inventories. Only manipulation could explain such a perversely low price compared with the real fundamentals. The good news is that since this manipulation is dependent upon the continued uneconomic dumping of government inventories (from the People's Bank of China), it is just a matter of time before those finite supplies are exhausted, and the price of silver is set free.

The end of the manipulation may kick off a whole host of related reactions. You can't keep the price of anything artificially depressed or elevated for decades and not expect violent counter moves when the artificial restraint or prop is suddenly removed. History bears this out. So it is logical to assume that when the silver suppression ends, we will get a severe jolt to the upside. As I have long maintained, it is the manipulation itself that creates the exceptionally low risk and high profit potential. When the manipulation ends, we must move to a price point where supply and demand balance without government inventory dumping. Considering how long silver has been kept depressed, it will take an extremely high price to balance supply and demand.

But this is old news for regular readers, and not the point of this article. Under normal conditions, I do not think it would take $200+ silver to balance the deficit. It would take a much lower price. However, it’s unlikely that normalcy will prevail in the future. There are certain factors that could come into play that could vault silver, in the years ahead, to truly shocking price levels. Just as we have remained grossly undervalued in silver for decades, it is very possible that, in the inevitable move to a market equilibrium price, we could overshoot dramatically to the upside, even if only briefly. There are several factors in place, all unique to silver, that could account for unthinkably high prices.

At the heart of the unique set of silver factors is one common denominator - human emotion and group behavior. People are motivated by price. Ironically, it is only high and rising prices that causes great numbers of people to buy in unison. Low prices discourage mass buying. (That's why silver is not on the mainstream radar screen yet.) If you study the history of investment extremes, or bubbles, it is the rising price itself that is at the heart of the cause for the move. The big problem is that the masses, excited by the price rise, come in late and stay too long.

I think silver is a prime candidate for a future price explosion that is historic and world wide in scope. Given its universal usefulness, appeal and stature, and its current low price, any significant price movement is likely to excite the world investment community. Its long term depressed price means that less than 1% of the people currently hold silver. No one knows if a silver price bubble will develop, but here are the reasons why it could.

1. A Short Squeeze On The Futures Market

For 20 years, there has been an outsized silver short position on New York's Commodity Exchange, Inc. (COMEX). This paper short position has been unique, in that no other commodity but COMEX silver has had a futures and options short position larger than world production and world known inventories. This has been one of the keys as to why silver has been depressed in price. But shorting is a two way street. While the shorts have had their way with the price of silver for a long time, when those shorts are bought back or covered, the price effect of shorting is reversed and it becomes bullish.

A shortage of real silver would cause the shorts to buy back their positions. We are seeing signs of delay in physical deliveries, a precursor to shortages. Also, before a short-covering panic develops, we should also see signs of a reluctance to take an additional shorting by the commercial dealers. Those signs are emerging. In fact, there could be sharp upward movements in the price of silver on just the lack of new shorting.
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Actual, panic-driven short covering hasn’t been seen in the silver market for more than 20 years, due to the ironclad control on the market that the dealers have maintained. A short covering panic appears unavoidable at some point, because the size of the short position, measured in the hundreds of millions of ounces, dwarfs comparable known real deliverable inventories. If this uniquely large silver short position on the COMEX enters into a panic covering phase, it could create triple digit silver all by itself.

2. Leasing Repayment Demands

The second component of what has been a 20 year silver manipulation is the fraudulent practice of metals leasing/forward selling. Under the guise of hedging, actually silver metal was removed from various central banks and sold on the open market. This was how we could have a deficit for decades with no increase in the price and no actual shortage of metal. I would estimate many hundreds of millions of ounces of silver, perhaps over a billion ounces cumulatively, were dumped over the past two decades due to leasing. This silver dumping was structured as a lease (even though it was a pure sale), with the silver due to be returned eventually to the central banks from which it originally came. The problem is that this silver was industrially consumed, and therefore, no longer exists in bullion form that can be returned.

While it appears to be a physical impossibility for the central banks' leased silver to be returned, that doesn't mean some individual central banks might not press for the return of their silver. If this occurs, it would set off a buying spree similar to the paper short covering on the COMEX. The main difference is that demands to return leased silver would involve physical buying, rather than the paper buying on the COMEX. Make no mistake, this leased silver represents a separate and unique short position, that exists in addition to the COMEX short position. Because it would represent physical buying, rather than paper silver purchases, any attempted buyback of leased physical silver would have a much more potent impact on price.

In fact, it is my opinion that there will be no return of any central bank leased silver because they can’t get the silver to return. They won't even try to get their silver returned. There will be negotiated resolutions involving some type of cash payment. (It will be quite bullish for the market just to see an end to leasing.) In the event I am wrong, and some individual central bank presses for the physical return of its loaned silver in sufficient quantity, this factor alone could account for $500 silver.

Even if the central banks quietly accept negotiated cash settlements in lieu of their actual metal being returned as required, that does not mean all the parties to this fraudulent leasing experiment will escape. The parties who borrowed and agreed to return the silver (miners, users, and bullion banks), all have unknown liabilities in a leasing crunch. Any number of them could panic and try to buy themselves out of these toxic derivatives. And the central banks, who leased out the silver that can’t be returned will certainly try to get as strong a financial settlement as possible as compensation for the loss of their metal. That compensation will be based upon the price of silver. That also will determine the liability to the borrowers of the leased silver. Astute borrowers will look to limit their liability by buying silver, which means more buying pressure.

3. Industrial Users Panic

Silver is used in thousands of industrial applications. In fact, aside from petroleum, silver is used in more applications than any other commodity. Unlike petroleum, the amount of silver used per application, while vital to the finished item, is a tiny percentage of the item's total cost. For this reason, silver is considered to be price-inelastic for much of its industrial demand. This means that industrial users will not readily substitute other materials for silver in a price rise. If the price of silver jumps significantly, they will be more inclined to build inventories than eliminate silver.

But it won't be price alone that causes industrial users to rush to build silver inventories. It will be availability that could set off a panic. The 25-year experiment with Japanese-developed "just-in-time" inventory management has caused the inventories of all commodities and materials to be sharply reduced. Thanks to computerization, modern manufacturing and transportation efficiencies, holding extra inventories has become expensive and old fashioned. If a manufacturing or transportation disruption occurs, industrial production is more threatened by having lean inventories.

It is not just normal silver production or transportation disruptions I am referring to, but something else. Since we are in a pronounced and documented deficit, silver shortages must come at some point. It is a miracle that it hasn't happened yet. When the inevitable silver shortage hits the industrial users, it will be only a matter of time before some will try to protect themselves from those delays (and price increases). They'll do this the only way they can - by buying extra silver as a buffer. They will build, or attempt to build, inventories of silver that they never held before. This is a logical reaction to silver delays and price increases. After all, you don't risk the shutdown of an assembly line for want of a single, low-cost component.

The problem is that what may be reasonable for one industrial user, puts pressure on the silver supply. As individual users try to immunize themselves from assembly line shutdowns by buying more real silver for inventories, other industrial users are automatically denied silver. If extraordinary demand for inventory building by some users occurs, it will make the supply tighter for other users.

This is how panics occur. The price of palladium rose to over $1100 an ounce because industrial users (mainly Ford Motor Company) panicked and built inventories, because they feared they would have to shut their assembly lines due to a lack of palladium. Silver is used in many more applications than palladium. That increases the chance that silver users will panic at some point and try to build inventories. If a user inventory panic does develop, there is only one known cure - it must burn itself out at extremely high prices. I have a hard time envisioning how a user inventory panic doesn't occur at some point. Whether we're talking about individual investors or corporate buying agents, all are subject to similar emotions and fears.

4. Unbacked Silver Bank Certificates

You get a tremendous amount of physical silver for your money. While that helps prove just how undervalued silver is, for many people it’s too much weight. There are practical transfer and storage issues. Most people, with substantial sums of money to commit to silver find it impossible to hold that much physical silver in their personal possession. At $6 an ounce, $30,000 in silver weighs 350 pounds. $100,000 worth of silver weighs over 1000 pound. One million dollars' worth of silver bullion weighs almost 6 tons. Where does an individual or institutional investor store tons of metal? Certainly, not in their home or office.

Because of the logistical difficulties of converting money into silver metal, investors have been forced to employ various silver storage mechanisms. In principle, there is nothing wrong with this. There are several legitimate, safe and low-cost storage methods available to investors. There are several others, in my opinion, that are not as legitimate. Generally, if you're paying for real silver, you should insist on getting real silver. That means knowing where the silver is held and getting the serial numbers (if held in bars). If you are holding silver that you have paid for and you don't have the serial numbers of the bars (1000 oz bars), you should investigate. If you are not paying customary storage and insurance charges, don't assume you are getting a bargain - assume there are no storage charges because there is no real silver being stored.

There are many forms of paper silver where the real silver does not exist to back up the paper. These forms would include pool accounts, leveraged accounts and bank silver certificates. Like futures contracts, they are a convenient and low cost way of playing silver. However, there are important and critical differences between these forms of silver and owning silver that you know exists. In essence, in pool accounts and bank silver certificates, you are making two bets - one, that silver goes up and two, that the party backing the pool account or certificate is good for the silver. In other words, in buying pool accounts or bank certificates, you are taking on additional exposure as to the future creditworthiness of the issuer.

The purpose of this section is not whether holders of pool accounts or silver bank certificates will suffer in a silver price explosion, although that threat is real, in my opinion. For the moment, I will assume there will be no default, and concentrate on the impact on price that these forms of silver could exert in the future. These accounts offer cheaper commissions and storage fees (since there is no real silver backing.) Likewise, since many investors have purchased their silver, over the years, in these forms, there is a tremendous amount of these pool accounts and certificates in existence, particularly by Swiss banks.
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I would estimate that there is well over a billion ounces of silver held in this form, perhaps by Swiss banks alone. After all, a billion ounces of silver, at the average price for the past 15 or more years is still only $5 billion. This is a very tiny fraction (way, way less than 1%) of total bank assets and other types of investment portfolios. This billion ounces of silver in bank certificate form is separate and distinct from, and in addition to futures and leasing short positions. It is another unique and important reason as to why we could have a historical blow off in the price of silver.

Since there is no real silver backing to pool, unallocated and silver bank certificate issuance's, the issuers have use of "free" money, which is highly profitable to them as long as silver doesn't move up in price. But when silver moves up decisively, the issuers are, in essence, holding a short position. If there are more than a billion ounces of these certificates and other unbacked paper silver forms in existence, that means that the issuers collectively lose more than a billion dollars for every dollar an ounce that silver climbs. At some point, with a high price of silver, the issuers could panic and look to limit losses. Not necessarily at $8 or $10, but certainly at $20. What’s the only way for them to limit their losses? Buy silver. This is another reason for an epic bubble price and it is also unique to silver.

5. Depletion of World Government Silver Inventories

Over the years we’ve seen systematic and persistent sell offs of world government stockpiles of silver, especially by the US, the largest former historical holder of silver. That means there is very little, or no real silver left that is available to dump on the market in case of a price emergency to the upside. Unlike gold, which world governments can still sell, they can't sell silver to contain a price rise, even if they wanted to. This is true for the first time in history. Never before have the government silver coffers been so bare. If the government fire trucks are called to put out a fire in the silver price, there won’t be any water to pump. This may not be a reason for silver to explode, in and of itself, but it certainly is a reason to expect that a silver rise will have to burn itself out, and will not be easily put out. In fact, given my observations for how governments react, it would not be terribly surprising to see some governments buying silver at exceptionally high prices, now that they have none left. They would finally realize just how vital and strategic this material is.

With government stockpiles exhausted, the only legitimate sellers of inventory will be those individuals who had the foresight to buy real silver in the first place. And these sellers, according to all free market principles, will be striving to get the highest price possible for their property, not seeking to cap the price rise. I am not saying to hold all your silver until it reaches $200, or $500, or $1000 an ounce, although those prices may be achieved. I am trying to explain what I see as valid conditions that may result in those price levels being hit. Any one of the reasons I mention could result in the price of silver hitting levels that will be talked about forever. Amazingly, all could kick in simultaneously. These conditions are peculiar and unique to silver. They don’t exist in any other commodity, nor have they ever.

6. Too Much Money, Too Many People, Too Little Metal

Because of the long-term structural deficit in silver, stretching back to World War II, we have consumed inventories for more than 60 years. Inventory data suggests that we have consumed over 95% of the world silver inventories in that time, some 10 billion ounces in total. This means that world silver inventories are at the lowest levels in hundreds of years. To make the point more graphically, if you use cumulative world production data, and subtract a generous one billion ounce total (known and unknown) remaining silver inventory (no one has been able to document more than 150 million ounces in known silver bullion inventory), we have the smallest amount of aboveground silver than at any time since 1300 AD I'm not making this up - there is less above ground silver bullion equivalent today than at any time in the past 700 years.

How can this be? Simple, up until the past 50 to 100 years, we never used silver for anything but for jewelry, utensils, coinage and investment. It was just like gold. Then came modern technologies that made use of silver in a wide variety of applications. We still use silver for jewelry, but its use in utensil and coinage has fallen off. Meanwhile, it has grown for photography, light and heat transfers, electrical, electronics, catalysts and medicine. The cumulative silver production of thousands of years was consumed in less than a hundred years in vital uses which benefited mankind. The accumulated world silver inventory is gone at precisely the time of greatest demand in history.

Against the disappearance of the world's silver inventories, we have the largest amount of people, money and credit in history while the supply of available silver shrinks. There is more money and buying power. This is reshaping Asia and other countries and it means more demand for silver.

If someone like Bunker Hunt or Warren Buffett goes to buy a chunk of silver, there's going to be a big problem. There isn't enough silver. This is a problem unique to silver that must grow worse. Compared to silver, there is plenty of gold, bonds and stocks and real estate. One buyer doesn't cause problems in those markets, only in silver. It's a problem that, at some point, can launch the silver price to the heavens.

Against the backdrop of potential powerful buying waves emerging for silver, please consider where the selling will come from. It’s unlikely we will see a new group of short sellers. So we are left to the law of supply and demand. That means more production and private inventory liquidation as a result of higher prices. It also means less consumption. But those things take time and extremely high prices. The one thing you don't have in a buying panic is the luxury of time. We’re not discussing what the long-term equilibrium and free market balancing price for silver will be, but rather what insane temporary price peak can we hit before an inevitable collapse. Almost 25 years ago, we hit the then-insane price of $50. Although that price lasted for only hours, literally a nanosecond in the price history of silver, it is the price that bulls and bears talk about decades later.
Article cont' Source

Monday, October 4, 2010

Peter Schiff Gold to go to $10,000oz

Peter Schiff whacks the fiat currency idiots real good at CNBC. Printing press economics is sending goal to the moon. The likelihood of an economic recovery is as likely as an elephant sprouting wings.

Gold at $10,000oz then you got Silver @ $500oz minimum.
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The world is running out of silver, big opportunity

China to wipe out world Silver supply as prosperity increases. There are so many variables that can send Silver to the moon such as One Trump getting a Silver fetish. One billionaire can corner the Silver market by sneezing. Only $80 million dollars of one Wall street trader or one Ron Paul billionaire can wipe out the whole Silver bullion market. Paul Bea- Monex 800-949-4653 x2172 Kevin from Goldmoneybill.org as referral. to support the message of Gold and Silver as money.

Creature from Jekyll Island- History of Gold and Silver in the US as Money.

The Silver Market is Extremely Undervalued, huge upside potential! Jason Hommel

Another argument for the massive potential upswing in the price of silver to multiples of 50x. There is less than 1% of the masses that actually have Silver. It is the future money and safe-haven of the common man.

There will be more Silver millionaires here in America than anywhere else in the world. Take advantage of the early movement back to the Gold and Silver standard. As an American patriot, you have inside knowledge for the explosion in the price of Silver. 1000oz in the near future may make you a millionaire.
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Silver Eventually More Rare than Gold

Silver is eventually going to be more rare than Gold. The non-recoverable industrial use is making Silver rarer from year to year as usage in cellphones, military weapons and Flat screen TV's consume more than is mined compared to Gold which is not used in industrial applications. Eventually supplies of Silver will reach a 1-1 ratio with Gold. At that point Silver will reach par value with Gold. So the price of Silver @ $22oz is a ridiculous bargain. You should be running right now to buy as much Silver bullion as possible. Paul Bea Monex 800-949-4653 x2172 Referral Kevin from Goldmoneybill.org

Colloidal Silver- Great for colds and flu's nature's anti-biotic

Bill Murphy of GATA Reveals Whistle-Blower in Gold And Silver Price Supression

This is simply more evidence that the Silver and Gold price fixing are ultimately going to be stopped. When that happens watch how the physical prices of Silver and Gold bullion disconnect from the Spot price which is leveraged 100-1 by JP Morgan and HSBC.
You ultimately could see Gold well over $5000oz and Silver at $250 or more.

The purchasing of Silver bullion specifically accelerates the pressure to expose the fraud on the paper side as the Silver supplies dry up from the public snapping up the remaining Silver bullion. We are headed to massive delays in delivery of Silver Eagles and private rounds over the next few months as the sales of bullion have again set an all-time record of over 32 million oz for U.S. Eagles smashing last years record of 29 million oz. Paul Bea @ Monex is my personal Rep for Silver and Gold. 800-949-4653 x2172 Use Kevin from Goldmoneybill.org as a referral. This will help support the maintenance of the website.

Obama Attempting to Make Gold Purchase a Taxable Event

This is a massive unconstitutional statue that Foreign born Obama has tried to define a Gold purchase as a taxable event. Gold is money and is not an investment. The purchase of gold creates no wealth, simply functions as a tourniquet against the theft of wealth by the federal reserve with their paper currency monopoly machine.

Jeff Lewis Market Oracle
The 1099 reform in the health care bill passed by Congress and signed by the President has turned the physical gold market upside down. Under the new law, gold buyers and sellers will have to fill out a 1099 on each side of the transaction if the sales price is greater than $600. As a result, many investors who have been buying gold as an anonymous way to protect their wealth are now feeling the heat.

The Economics of the 1099

Just months after passage, the Senate has already moved to remove the 1099 requirement from the health care bill in an effort to reduce transaction and accounting costs for small businesses. With many companies processing far larger orders than $600 on a near daily basis, it is certain that new regulation will prove to be time consuming and costly.

Just today, the Wall Street Journal reported that in 2008, regulations cost businesses more than $1.7 trillion. This new regulation, one which virtually no business can avoid, will only add billions of dollars in additional regulation costs to an already burdened American economy.

However, what really matters here is that this new provision will be far more devastating to local gold and silver suppliers. These small businesses rely on volume to make a profit, with the spread between buy and sell prices often little more than a few percentage points. For a small coin shop to cover rent, utilities and other fixed expenses of $5,000 per month, it would have to sell as much as $100,000 in gold and silver to pay the bills. Add on regulatory costs, the time required to fill out each 1099, and the drop in investment after the bill passes, and what you have is an industry that has to sell even more product as its buyers run away scared.

Silver is the key to destroying the Fed. Every purchase of a silver bullion coin is like whacking a banker in the head with Louisville slugger. Paul Bea @ Monex is the guy. 800-949-4653 x2172 100oz min. Use Kevin from UScivilflags.org as referral.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

U.S. Eagles Sales hit over 25 Million for the Year.

The United States Mint has officially raised their wholesale pricing above spot on American Silver Eagles to all authorized dealers from $1.50 to $2.00, an increase of a whopping 33%. This price raise is most likely an attempt to cool off U.S. Eagles sales to prevent the Mint from halting production.
This news comes on the heels of a significant silver spot price rally over the last month to a new thirty year record over $22 per ounce. The impact of this news is significant and has already affected dealer pricing across the country within hours, as prices on Silver American Eagles have jumped over $0.50/oz industry wide.
The year 2010 will go down as a record year for Silver Eagle sales, as the United States Mint has already sold more than 25 million coins year-to-date. See chart below:
2010 Silver Eagle Sales
January 3,592,500
March 3,381,000
April 2,507,500
May 3,636,500
June 3,001,000
July 2,981,000
August 2,451,000
Total 25,480,500

This development comes only two days after the US Mint announced it had sold out of 2010 gold American Buffalo and would cease production for the remainder of the year.

Tarek Saab is a former finalist on NBC's "The Apprentice" with Donald Trump. He is an international speaker, syndicated author, entrepreneur, and a managing partner at Trusted Bullion

Apmex- Low cost Silver retailer.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Argument For The Gold Standard

A nice little video advocating the Gold standard, part of the re-education process of the American public.

Crashmaker- A novel about a libertarian winning the Presidency. A patriot primer as a novel.

History Of Money and Banking End the Fed

A nice clip about the history of money in the United States and the control of the currency by the Rothschild banking family. Silver is the achilles heel of the bankers and is well within range of the commoner to End the Fed by buying up the existing supply of the metal. Apmex is a safe low-cost retailer for Silver Bullion in physical form.


Ron Paul on the Gold Standard

If I was a betting man and I am. Ron Paul will be the next President; either as an interim one or as the candidate elect in 2012. The origin of the Tea Party is Ron Paul, not Sarah Palin. He has the Jihad behind him, not her. Wait till you see the magic that they will create for the next election. The first Internet President.

Get your Silver here, extra extra. Silver to go through that glass ceiling that Hillary likes to talk so much about..

Goldmoneybill- Educating the masses about Sound Money..

Secret Gold in the Grand Canyon

MacKenna's Gold starring Gregory Peck and Omar Shariff alludes to secret Gold stashed in the Grand Canyon. Hollywood often communicates the truth through story. If you want to know what is happening in the battle between secret societies than you need to watch some film! Bix Weir of Roadtoroota.com claims that the U.S. government has nationalized the parks to protect the Gold hordes to be taken out at a later date, when the Fed is dead and we return to Gold/Silver backed money. That time is now as the signs are all their. Germany is paying off their World War I debt on Sunday. The Treasury can pay off the Fed with a similar paltry amount.

The U.S. CivilFlag may be the flag of the newly restored Republic and Ron Paul may be the President. Stay tuned for more cool shit. Buy Silver if you want to support the return of a Constitutionally based Government. Silver is the achilles heel to expose the paper fraud in the metal markets.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gold and Silver Conspiracy Story Bix Weir

Bix Weir is my favorite writer on Gold and Silver. He does incredible amount of research and then combines it with an insightful fertile mind. This is not some sterile academic approach, but combining intuition with research through the reading of occult symbolism of the money changers.

My story begins, like most monetary stories, in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in the United States and when gold and silver were still the most valued monetary assets in the world. I'll leave out all the prior bank monetary manipulations although there had been many minor ones prior to 1913. As was outlined by G. Edward Griffin in "The Creature From Jekyll Island", the monetary power of the United States of America was literally stolen from the people and handed over to a group of powerful European banking families and is still under their control to this day. They run their US operations under the auspice of the Federal Reserve Act. Of course there is nothing "Federal" about the US Federal Reserve in that it is not part of our government and there are no "Reserves" to speak of other than the right to create the US Dollar out of thin air. Although their mandate is to "create price stability" over the past 100 years that they have been in charge of the US Dollar it has lost over 98% of its value which is a hidden inflation tax on the citizens of the United States and the world.

You likely already know all this but the manipulations and conspiracies that surround gold and silver over the past 100 years are not merely urban legends but many are grounded in FACT as exposed by the Gold Anti Trust Action Committee (www.GATA.org). Now I must admit that I have been involved with GATA for quite some time and more often than not my article submissions are shot down for being too conspiratorial or lacking of proof. I understand Bill Murphy and Chris Powell's reluctance to publish anything that may threaten the credibility they have worked tirelessly to build over the years...but that doesn't mean I'm not right!

On with the story...

The beginnings of large scale physical gold manipulations come from an incredible gold discovery that is almost too wild to believe...until you check the facts. After WWII a vast gold hoard (mostly stolen from other Asian countries) held by the Treasury of Japan was discovered hidden in the Philippines by a staff member of General Charles Willoughby who was General MacArthur's Chief of Intelligence.(1) This gold was hidden in over 175 sites across the Philippine Islands and it has been reported from many sources that the treasure may have been more than 300,000 tons of gold and other treasures. Over the years this gold has been used as the main source of covert funding by the US and Western intelligence agencies to manipulate markets, overthrow governments and enrich the personal coffers of those who have been charged with administering it. This treasure has been known by many names including Yamashita's Treasure, The Golden Lily Treasure, The Black Eagle Fund and many other off shoots. This amazing revelation became known to the public with the 2003 release of the book Gold Warriors: America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold written by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave.(2) Given that the total amount of gold ever mined in the world is estimated to be only about 160,000 tons, this gold discovery created both a blessing and a curse for the United States over the years.

The announcement of this gold find in the 1940's would have crushed the value of monetary gold around the world, and since the US Government was the largest holder of monetary gold, it would have significantly devalued our sacred Constitutional money. There also would be many claims from other Asian countries that the gold belonged to them thus upsetting the balance of power and wealth in the region. The US decided to keep this treasure a secret and what grew from this treasure trove was a twisted, deceitful and corrupt secret cabal of insiders that literally believed they ruled the world. Every US President since Truman has known about this secret treasure and the organizations that grew up around it. The institutions that were involved with this treasure are vast and powerful including JP Morgan, Citigroup, AIG, the World Bank, Morgan Stanley and the list goes on and on. Washington power players from the early days of Bill Donovan and Edward Casey to modern times with the Bushes and Dick Cheney have used this treasure trove to advance their agendas. Today they are known as "The Enterprise" and are now the evil step child of the United States that no one dare speak of.

From the end of WWII until the early 2000's this group has worked in the shadows and went virtually unnoticed implementing covert policies on unsuspecting counties around the world. In addition to advancing their national agendas they also were corrupted by the wealth that the treasure provided lining their own pockets along the way. Much of this operation was run out of the NSA and CIA through programs discussed in John Perkins book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman"(3). Since the publication of this book many EHM's have come out of the shadows to tell their stories.
Apmex-Silver retailer
Through all this madness the Federal Reserve Bank was for the most part run by people who were not part of the banking cabal and actually had the best interest of the United States in mind. Many of them knew of the dark side of their banking lineage but I believe many were not part of the banking cabal -- at least not at first. One of the most honest of the Fed Chairmen was Arthur Burns who was a very strong advocate of the Gold Standard in his early days and also just happened to be the mentor to a brilliant young economist named Alan Greenspan.(4) To this day this frame of the Wishes and Rainbows comic released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston shines like a beacon of hope that someday this cabal of bankers will be defeated.

USCivilflags- The new flag of the restored Republic.

Weimar Republic Hyper-Inflation: Money as Wallpaper

Remember these are Germans, really smart germans that make the best cars,trains that run on-time and never carry debt. If it happened in Germany, it will definetly happen here. Look at these images of money being used as fuel and just imagine dollars going into a furnace. Silver is your saving grace in bullion form.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ron Paul Explains Hyper-Inflation

The warning of Ron Paul, how destruction of the currency can lead to fascism in the United States. How to protect yourself? Silver bullion.

Ron Paul had a hand in the creation of the Gold money bill.

U.S. Civilflag- The flag of the Restored American Republic.

Weimar Republic is Coming! Hyperinflation Is Around The Bend

The only way to stop this is to buy Silver. We are about to return to a gold standard and their will be a currency devaluation. You can capitalize on this opportunity by buying physical Silver bullion.

U.S. Civilflag- The flag of the Restored Dejure American Government

Historical Silver to Gold Ratio Ranges from 11-1 to 93-1

This video is a great teaching tool to break the spell of fiat currencies.Invest in physical bullion today and you will be a millionaire in 18 months. 1000oz of Silver will be worth over $1000oz.

U.S. Civilflag- The Sovereign flag of the New Republic

Dr. Edwin Vieira on the Transfer of Wealth

Dr. Vieira is the writer of the Goldmoneybill for state currencies backed by Gold and Silver.

Apmex- low-cost Silver retailer for U.S. Eagles, take possesion of Silver before the imminent currency devaluation.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Melt The Wicked Witch: Sell Your Gold Now!

Now Bix Weir is my favorite writer on Gold and Silver and I follow his advice religiously. Yes, I drink his Koolaid. My only regret is I can't mortgage my house to buy more Silver, probably due to the fact that I do not own a home.

Bix Weir- Road to Roota
Attention GOLD Investors:

What would you do to take down the Gold market riggers? What would you sacrifice? How hard would you work if you KNEW that the culmination of your effort would end the long term manipulation of gold? As for me, I am very tired of fighting the Gold Cabal, but I am also tired of watching all that I love about my country get washed out to sea by the Manmade Monsoon of Market Manipulation that is currently sloshing over the United States of America.

Let's Finish This Thing!
Apmex- Reliable and inexpensive Silver retailer.
I'm going to say it flat out...SELL ALL YOUR GOLD INVESTMENTS NOW AND BUY PHYSICAL SILVER! This is not a joke and don't get me wrong, I am the biggest "gold bug" you've ever meet, but it is time we ended their evil game. The Cabal has shown their Achilles Heel over the past few years and it is not gold but the depletion of physical Silver available for delivery that will ultimately lead to their demise. Many of us figured out long ago that physical Silver will likely run out before physical gold simply due to the tiny size of the Silver market compared to Gold, but most of us have not ACTED on this knowledge to accelerate the demise of the Gold Cabal due to our affinity for Gold and all that Gold represents... sound/honest money, freedom, liberty and justice for all!

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about Gold as money and why I personally believe that Gold is the best form of hard money. Why not Silver or platinum or copper or zinc? I must admit that most of my knowledge on this subject comes from the writings of other people. I have read hundreds of books and articles by brilliant economists, sound money advocates and other monetary philosophers who have dedicated their lives to the study of monetary theory. I am truly amazed at the vast amount of intellectual capital that has gone into the analysis of Gold as money with each monetary thinker building upon the knowledge passed down by others through the ages.

But What do I Think?

If I had no idea about monetary theory and history, what would my conclusions be? How have these writings influenced my affinity towards gold as opposed to other hard metals? Is it possible to NOT be influenced by information passed down over the years and clear my mind enough to use my own cognitive reasoning on this subject?

This is what I have been pondering over the past few years and my conclusions have shaken me to my Gold Bug foundations! Although the facts and fundamentals of gold as the best form of hard money may have been true 50 years ago, the world of Gold and Silver has changed dramatically since then such that now SILVER is hands down the best hard money investment compared to all other metals....even GOLD!

The Facts
Apmex Silver retailer
The following is a list of facts and reasons to switch all your Gold investments into Physical Silver:

1) Due to the tiny size of the Silver market and the lack of physical Silver available to the manipulators, the Silver battle is much easier to win than Gold. Ted Butler's discovery of massive Silver market manipulation should highlight the size, scope and importance of Silver to the current financial crisis.

2) Central banks have NO physical Silver to assist in the manipulation of the Silver market but they still have a lot of physical Gold (although much less than they claim).

3) The majority of Silver mined every year is consumed as an industrial metal in very small amounts and will never return to the market whereas the amount of above ground Gold grows year after year.

4) Silver has developed, due to its low price and superior physical properties, into a vital and necessary industrial commodity that makes it mandatory for modern life. If we woke up tomorrow and gold vanished from the face of the earth, life would continue pretty much as it was the day before. Without silver, modern life would change.

5) Due to the relative very low price of silver and very high price of gold, the man in the street, around the world, is in a position to buy silver in much greater quantities than gold.

6) In various forms there is an estimated 5B oz of above ground Gold and 5B oz of above ground Silver but Gold trades at $1300/oz and Silver trades for only $21/oz. Both metal prices are obviously manipulated but Silver appears to be manipulated more. As for Silver bullion that is "in play" for the manipulators, I estimate that less than 500M oz remain with a current market value less than $11B.

7) Silver has been in a supply deficit for over 50 years! Governments held approximately 10B oz of silver in 1950 and have been supplying that physical stock steadily into the market. Today there is no more of that surplus silver left to sell.

8) At current Silver consumption rates there are only 16 years of known Silver reserves remaining in the world. AFTER THAT SILVER WILL BE GONE FOREVER! Think about it.

9) Demand for Silver is "inelastic" in its industrial applications because it is used in such small quantities per application. An increase in price does not translate into a decrease in consumption.

10) The COMEX Silver short position is the largest concentrated short position of any commodity, on any exchange in the history of financial markets.

11) Throughout human monetary history the Silver to Gold ratio hovered in the 10-1 range until the invention of futures and options trading in metals. After the massive manipulation maneuvers by the Banking Cabal the silver-gold ratio now stands at over 62-1.

12) The US Dollar as defined in the Coinage Act of 1792 is Silver, not Gold, and contains "three hundred and seventy-one grains and four sixteenth parts of a grain of pure, or four hundred and sixteen grains of standard silver."

13) Silver is massively under reported in the media vs. Gold. Even Jim Rogers, the commodity guru, purposefully ignores Silver entirely in his best selling book "Hot Commodities" even though Silver exceeds all other commodities using his metrics on what makes a strong commodity.

14) Very few investors have physical Silver in their possession. Reasoning: because they claim it is "too hard to store". Does that mean when Silver trades at over $1,000 oz people will be more willing to buy and store physical Silver? It is difficult to make up a more bullish argument to take delivery and store physical Silver TODAY...when the Cabal price rigging scam finally fails you can always buy your own Fort Knox to store all that pesky Silver you bought!

15) Gold's strong fundamentals are only exceeded by Silver's so when the gold manipulation stops and the Gold price takes off investors will be looking for the next under-priced investment with similar characteristics.

16) 470M oz of Silver owned by the US Treasury and used in the Manhattan Project for the construction of the atom bomb have all been melted down and sold into the physical market to support the "Strong Dollar Policy"

The Great Silver Mystery...REVEALED!

17) Silver mineral deposits, as opposed to Gold, are usually very shallow in the earth's crust due to the nature of the geology so most of the large deposits of Silver have probably already been found and/or already mined limiting future discoveries.

18) There is a significant problem with counterfeit Gold coins and bars because of its high price. Silver coins and small bars have not, to date, had as much of a counterfeiting issue because its price did not justify the effort. (although there is a problem with counterfeit Silver jewelry which may significantly suppress Silver scrap recovery in the future...oddly bullish by-product of counterfeiting Silver!)

19) The total dollar value of the Silver market is a fraction of the total dollar value of the Gold market.

20) Most flat screen televisions use Silver in their internal electronics/screens and the US transfer from analog to digital signals has increased the demand for flat screen TV's.

21) Retail physical shortages of Silver are already beginning to appear around the world. The list of announced delays/curtailment by Government owned Mints now includes EVERY MAJOR SILVER COIN PRODUCING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!

22) Hedge funds are bleeding from the credit crunch and they are looking for ways to save themselves. A single hedge fund can scoop up the remaining physical Silver and blow the price sky high.

23) In the US, Gold confiscation laws are still on the books but there are currently no silver confiscation laws.

24) As of late 2010 the Gold price gold is hovering around $1,300 or 150% of its historical high. Silver, on the other hand, is hovering around $21 or 42% of it's historical high suggesting that Silver has a long way still to go.

25) Un-backed paper Silver programs such as silver certificates and unallocated pooled accounts are the "industry standard" these days and will be scrambling for metal when redemptions are called in by the investors. The most egregious example of fractional reserve silver is the iShares Silver ETF (SLV).

26) In the past few years the massive global money creation by central banks around the world has created huge reservoirs of cash sloshing around the asset markets looking for a safe haven. Although most mainstream press have discussed Gold as being a likely bucket to fill with this monetary firehouse, SILVER has all the same monetary metal properties as Gold except the Silver market is SO small it would be like FILLING A DIXIE CUP WITH THE FIREHOUSE!

27) The CFTC still has an open investigation into the manipulation of the SILVER market that is being conducted not by their investigative division but by the CFTC "Enforcement Division". Although the final conclusions have been purposefully delayed by the CFTC, the final outcome may finally be the END OF THE 50 YEAR MANIPULATION OF THE SILVER MARKET!

28) During the CFTC hearing on metal position limits, GATA announced that a whistleblower has come forward with specific proof that JP Morgan was rigging the silver market. The next day he and his wife were rammed in their car in an attempted murder. The suspect was caught but the police are not giving out any information about the suspect or others that were involved.

29) The growth of emerging economies in Asia will require more and more industrial silver to build out their electric infrastructure and provide a higher standard of living for their middle class. In a global market that has been in a silver supply deficit for years a silver bidding war will result in order to obtain the significant amounts of silver needed.

30) The truth about gold and silver price manipulation is spreading like wildfire throughout the world with the help of the internet such that the Banksters "shabby secret" is no longer a secret.

31) The US Dollar has run it's course as the world's reserve currency. The entire global financial markets know this and are positioning themselves accordingly. The "Dollar End Game" for the United States has never been to transfer economic power to Eastern countries as the dollar dies but rather crash the global markets and start fresh with a new domestically centered economic model. That transition is upon us:

Well, now do you think SILVER is both more important and a better investment than your gold?
Hopefully, that's enough pro-Silver data to convince you to make the switch.

What About Gold?

There are some pro-Gold items which, in fairness, should be weighed against all the pro-Silver arguments:

1) Gold does not tarnish. (That's nice but hardly a reason not to make the switch)

2) Gold is promoted and perceived by the world as the "Greatest Monetary Metal"....at least for now!

Not to be "anti-gold" but from my calculations there is 10x the amount of physical gold in the world regardless of what the "mainstream gold media" claims...meaning there is OVER 1 MILLION TONS OF PHYSICAL GOLD!

Golden Secrets

Also, my calculations on silver estimate that there is 10x LESS silver in the world because of all the potentially phony physical silver ETF bars out there...

Silver "Moly-Bars"

Don't worry about Gold....really. Gold, like Silver, will find its rightful place in a freely traded market. It should take less than a few $Billion of physical Silver purchases to buy up all of the available Silver bullion, and that would only mean switching out of about 200 tons of Gold on a physical basis. 200 tons would not significantly damage the price of gold. Now $10B removed from GLD/SLV, Gold/Silver Pooled Accounts, Gold/Silver mining stocks, etc. would be much better for the price of Gold and should not cause any permanent damage to the gold investment community. As a matter of fact, can you think of anything more positive for the price of gold and gold investments than the destruction of the Banking Cabal?!

So what should be the true price of Silver today?

I don't know but I do know that the price quoted on the COMEX and LME are not even close to silver's "Fair Market Value". It makes more sense to me to estimate the true price of Silver in relation to another "Monetary Commodity" such as Gold since gold is currently "perceived" as the best monetary metal.

* Based on my estimates of total above and below ground Silver (17Boz) and Gold (8Boz) the Silver/Gold Ratio should be 2.1-1. With Gold trading at $1,300/oz Silver should be trading at $619/oz or is 29X UNDERVALUED!

* Based on my estimates of total above ground Silver (5Boz) and Gold (5Boz) the Silver/Gold Ratio should be 1-1. With Gold trading at $1,300/oz Silver should be trading at $1,300/oz or is 62X UNDERVALUED!

* Based on my estimates of total monetary bullion above ground Silver (1Boz) and Gold (3Boz) the Silver/Gold Ratio should be 1-3. With Gold trading at $1,300/oz Silver should be trading at $3,900/oz or is 186X UNDERVALUED!

Of course all this is predicated on the assumption that gold is fairly valued at $1,300oz today which almost everyone agrees is a joke. Since the USA holds a little over 8,100 tons of gold in reserve (supposedly) it is logical to assume that Gold will back the US dollar when the fiat money system fails (not hard to imagine the failure of the US dollar). With the US M3 money supply currently estimated to be in the $14 Trillion dollar range, the price of a redeemable gold backed US dollar would be about $54,000/oz IF the US stopped printing dollars today.

The $54,000/oz Monetary Gold price would put the value of monetary above ground Silver bullion, as analyzed in the last bullet point above, at....

.... $162,000 per oz!
Sovereign Flag of America!
Crazy, I know, but it really doesn't end there!

Based on the FACT that Silver is being consumed 120% faster than it is currently being mined/produced and the Gold above ground supplies are growing at 2% per annum the Silver/Gold Ratio Formula should be [(Above Ground Silver)(80%) to (Above Ground Gold)(102%)]. With Gold trading at a massively manipulated low price of $1,300oz, Silver should be approaching INFINITY AND IS INFINITY(X) UNDERVALUED!

Wow....chilling conclusions...have you traded your Gold for Silver yet?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear Billionaires of the World: Silver

Yes, The silver market in physical bullion possesion is about to explode. JP Morgan is closing it's trading desk where the majority of the Silver manipulation has been taking place. Look for prices to skyrocket over $50 signaling the beginning of the bull market correction.
Apmex- The most reliable Silver retailer.

(The Silver Market is a tiny $1.9 billion)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, September 2nd, 2010

It is too late for any of you, personally, to buy much silver below $20 per ounce.

While silver prices languished at about $5/oz. for almost two decades until about 2001, it's now too late for you to buy much, if any, silver below $20/oz. Did your personal wealth increase that much in the last decade like silver prices did? I don't think any billionaire in the world matched or exceeded that performance.

The silver market is very tiny, and thus prices are still potentially very explosive--especially if one of the 1000 billionaires in the world tried to buy any. The potential for future gains far exceed what has happened in the last ten years.

Only a tiny $1.9 billion dollars worth of silver per year is bought for investment; most of that is purchased in the USA, that's about 100 million troy ounces of silver, at $19/oz. Of that, nearly 40 million ounces of silver per year are being produced by the US Mint in the form of 1 oz. Silver Eagles.

I've been writing about silver for ten years, sharing and learning silver market information, with 80,000 readers. You can review any of my articles online at www.silverstockreport.com. Here's what you should know about silver:

World silver mines produce about 650 million oz. of silver, worth, at $20/oz., about $13 billion. More than that is consumed by industry, jewelry, photography, with the difference being met by recycling.

But investors are buying more than selling now. The people who produce the statistics call that a "surplus", but that's a white lie. As there's really not nearly enough silver to satisfy all the people who may wish to protect the value of their paper money, or other assets.

With "money in the banks" being only a small fraction of potential assets that could be converted into silver assets, and with money in the banks headed towards about $18 trillion, only about 1% of 1% of US paper money is buying silver in a year.

That means that by the time 1% of US Paper money tries to buy silver, then investment demand would be 100 times higher than it is today, and that $180 billion would try to buy into a $13 billion market, which could push silver prices well over $200/oz.

This is an understatement, as all the paper money in the world could conceivably buy all the silver and gold in the world.

I urge you, or your staff, to do further research into the facts about silver that I've shared with you.

It is my opinion that the purchase of silver is a race, given where prices are going. The race has started, and the billionaires of the world are not yet on board.

The BIS, the Bank of International Settlements, has produced a report showing that the world banks have $200 billion in notional value of silver derivatives. This increased from $100 billion, in a span of 6 months. Question! Where did they get $100 billion of silver to sell, when the world only produced about $10 billion of silver per year? Hint: They didn't. The notional value of their silver derivatives is a short position! The big banks OWE $200 billion worth of silver, on paper, to investors who have not yet asked for delivery. Besides paper money, this is the world's biggest ongoing fraud.

Thus, you should avoid buying the Silver ETF's, avoid buying any futures contracts, avoid buying silver, even "allocated" silver from any LBMA member bank, and stick only with buying real bars of silver from refineries or wholesalers.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Silver SlingShot Bix Weir

We are on the verge of the greatest bull run in any commodity ever. Silver could be set to run 10X current price. Apmex is the most cost-effective supplier on the web.

The amount of information on silver as an investment being analyzed and discussed lately has been astonishing. I remember only a few years ago that it was only the likes of Ted Butler, David Morgan and Jason Hommel that ever promoted the amazing investment opportunity that silver represented. Now there are literally hundreds of "pro-silver analysts" out there talking about the supply/demand deficit, COMEX Commitment of Traders Report, fraudulent Silver ETFs and the dual role of silver as both an industrial metal and monetary metal. I LOVE IT!

Of course having so many eyes on the silver market you would expect that all the bullish silver angles have been addressed, investigated and exposed but I have found over the years that there are always some bullish factors hidden in the mysterious world of silver investing that explode into the consciousness of the market at the oddest time compounding the reason for silver to rapidly rise in price. Ted Butler has exposed the most of the bullish silver discoveries in his studies of silver spanning many decades, but that does not preclude the little guys out there from exposing a new idea/discovery that further promotes the silver cause.

Today we are on the threshold of something so large in the silver world that it will astound every man, woman and child on the planet…even the silver bugs! In my second Road to Roota article Greenspan's Golden Secret I discussed the plan by Alan Greenspan and friends to destroy the entire monetary system in a one time Creative Destruction Event. Read this article to understand what that means.
Greenspan's Golden Secret
If you open your eyes long enough to see past the monetary smoke and mirrors these days you can tell it is happening as we speak. We are down to the end days for the fiat monetary system with the implosion being dragged on since September of 2008 and very soon to come to a climax.

So what will happen to silver? Glad you asked!

There are many silver enthusiasts out there today with vast amounts of money sloshing around in "silver related" investments such as silver derivatives ($111B as per the BIS), silver ETF's ($5B+ most in SLV), silver mining companies (est $8B by JH), silver certificates ($10B… my own estimate), silver futures and options (unknown billions) etc., etc.

This is about $150B+ worth of silver investments that really have NOT positively affected the price of physical silver since no silver was actually purchased. At least half of this money has negatively suppressed the price of silver by selling silver derivatives with no physical backing at all. Even mining share investments. Think about it. Your silver mining company investment helps capitalizes mining companies to create more physical silver adding to the supply where that money could have gone directly into physical silver decreasing the supply!

I see these people as "knowledgeable silver investors" who know the story but chose to believe that the system will stay in tact such that they will have time to obtain the reward for their investment when silver rises in price….that will be their big mistake when the final hammer falls.

This is where I see a NEW Silver Slingshot effect for silver.

Although greed is a great psychological force that can drive markets up, fear is by far the ultimate motivator in any investment mania. Trying to "stop the bleeding" on investment losses is like trying to catch a Samurai Sword dropped from the top Empire State Building! When we have the Creative Destruction event I doubt the $150B in "silver related" investments will ever pay off because of all the risk/credit layers between you and your silver. Imagine the chaos when we have total banking failure, total brokerage house failure, total exchange failure, total 401k failure, etc. How will those "investments" ever pay off with all those levels of credit risk and defaulted entities between the investor and his silver rewards? Will mining company stocks still be traded without the DTCC or the NYSE or the CFTC?

And what about those silver mining stock certificates that you have in your safe deposit box? Will they be worth anything? First ask yourself…with a fiat money crash what will be the new currency? You can bet it will have to be backed by something (most likely gold and silver) but what will the citizens of the world say about private ownership of the mines that control their money? With 99.99% of the population NOT holding any real gold or silver do you think they would allow the .01% to control all the wealth of the nation or the world? I doubt it.

Well "Silver Related" Investment Gurus…whatcha gonna do now? The worst thing I can imagine is fighting the silver battle for all these years and not getting the payoff when all your predictions come true.

So here's the SLINGSHOT moment.

When silver investors realize the scope of the coming Creative Destruction Event the flood of cash from $150B of "silver related" investments into the tiny physical silver market will destroy "silver related" investments and SLINGSHOT the price of physical silver to unimaginable heights…are you really ready?


Don't delay because as this reality begins to show over the next few months I doubt you will be able to get that physical position you've been putting off for those increased silver returns from your mining stocks, options and derivatives.

It's game time for silver so don't get caught sitting on the bench!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

U.S. Silver Eagles All-time Record for July- Mint is rationing Eagles Now

The U.S. Mint needs to buy Silver from Silver mined in the U.S. Currently the Mint is rationing Silver Eagles. We are very close to seeing delays of delivery for eagles first running into weeks and later months. As the delays increase, there will be a disconnect at one point from the Comex and SLV prices to the price of physical bullion. When that hits there will be a mad rush to the physical metal and if just one hedge fund decides to take the Nestea plunge into ownership of cold metal in one's hand, then the game is over and we are talking about Silver at over $100oz moving rapidly up to it's true cost adjusted for inflation price of over $150oz for the actual bullion, not the bullshit paper holdings.

Coming in at 2,981,000 coins sold, the month goes down in the history books as the best ever July for the series that was introduced back in 1986. The old record was hit just last year when sales of the Silver Eagles came in slightly over 2.8 million -- shattering the previous record set in 2008 of only 1.25 million.
The increases over the last three years are a perfect indicator of demand on an annual basis as well. 2008 American Silver Eagles ended the year with a record 19.6 million sold, beating the previous record holder of 2002 by over 9 million coins. While extremely impressive, the 2008 record status only lasted a year and was smashed by the 2009 total of 28.7 million coins sold.
Indications are that the 2009 record will be blown out of the water by this year's numbers. With seven months wrapped up, the United States Mint already shows 21.1 million coins purchased by its dealers. This leaves an average of a bit over 1.5 million per remaining months in the year for 2010 to become the new record holder. Considering almost 3 million were sold in July (a month typically not known for large Silver Eagle volume), it is nearly unfathomable that 2010 would not shoot past last year.
Supporting this conclusion is the current line-up for the top ten months ever for Silver Eagle Sales. Since their debut in 1986, the coins have been available for over 280 individual months. 2010 currently holds five of the top ten monthly sales slots. (July 2010 came in as the seventh best month ever for the coins.)
Making this feat even more interesting is the fact that the U.S. Mint is still throttling the sales of the strikes. Unable to obtain enough blank planchets to keep up with potential orders, the Mint has its network of authorized purchasers on an allocation system, meaning it may ship only a portion of the requested orders based on availability and the buyer's past order history.

The U.S. Civilflag is symbolic of a nation on the Gold/Silver standard under the common law.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gold Bubble Here Now. 100-1 Paper Gold

We are getting closer and closer for all the ponzi schemes of the Federal Reserve to be exposed and finished off. There are 100-1 in Paper Gold which is not Gold but paper to play the electronic casino known as Comex. To facilitate the crashing of the Federal Reserve, you should be purchasing physical gold and more importantly Silver. It is well within the domain of the American patriot community to buy up all the physical Silver in bullion form. Apmex provides great service and excellent prices on U.S. Eagles Goldmoneybill.org