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Monday, October 4, 2010

Bill Murphy of GATA Reveals Whistle-Blower in Gold And Silver Price Supression

This is simply more evidence that the Silver and Gold price fixing are ultimately going to be stopped. When that happens watch how the physical prices of Silver and Gold bullion disconnect from the Spot price which is leveraged 100-1 by JP Morgan and HSBC.
You ultimately could see Gold well over $5000oz and Silver at $250 or more.

The purchasing of Silver bullion specifically accelerates the pressure to expose the fraud on the paper side as the Silver supplies dry up from the public snapping up the remaining Silver bullion. We are headed to massive delays in delivery of Silver Eagles and private rounds over the next few months as the sales of bullion have again set an all-time record of over 32 million oz for U.S. Eagles smashing last years record of 29 million oz. Paul Bea @ Monex is my personal Rep for Silver and Gold. 800-949-4653 x2172 Use Kevin from Goldmoneybill.org as a referral. This will help support the maintenance of the website.

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