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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gold and Silver Conspiracy Story Bix Weir

Bix Weir is my favorite writer on Gold and Silver. He does incredible amount of research and then combines it with an insightful fertile mind. This is not some sterile academic approach, but combining intuition with research through the reading of occult symbolism of the money changers.

My story begins, like most monetary stories, in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in the United States and when gold and silver were still the most valued monetary assets in the world. I'll leave out all the prior bank monetary manipulations although there had been many minor ones prior to 1913. As was outlined by G. Edward Griffin in "The Creature From Jekyll Island", the monetary power of the United States of America was literally stolen from the people and handed over to a group of powerful European banking families and is still under their control to this day. They run their US operations under the auspice of the Federal Reserve Act. Of course there is nothing "Federal" about the US Federal Reserve in that it is not part of our government and there are no "Reserves" to speak of other than the right to create the US Dollar out of thin air. Although their mandate is to "create price stability" over the past 100 years that they have been in charge of the US Dollar it has lost over 98% of its value which is a hidden inflation tax on the citizens of the United States and the world.

You likely already know all this but the manipulations and conspiracies that surround gold and silver over the past 100 years are not merely urban legends but many are grounded in FACT as exposed by the Gold Anti Trust Action Committee (www.GATA.org). Now I must admit that I have been involved with GATA for quite some time and more often than not my article submissions are shot down for being too conspiratorial or lacking of proof. I understand Bill Murphy and Chris Powell's reluctance to publish anything that may threaten the credibility they have worked tirelessly to build over the years...but that doesn't mean I'm not right!

On with the story...

The beginnings of large scale physical gold manipulations come from an incredible gold discovery that is almost too wild to believe...until you check the facts. After WWII a vast gold hoard (mostly stolen from other Asian countries) held by the Treasury of Japan was discovered hidden in the Philippines by a staff member of General Charles Willoughby who was General MacArthur's Chief of Intelligence.(1) This gold was hidden in over 175 sites across the Philippine Islands and it has been reported from many sources that the treasure may have been more than 300,000 tons of gold and other treasures. Over the years this gold has been used as the main source of covert funding by the US and Western intelligence agencies to manipulate markets, overthrow governments and enrich the personal coffers of those who have been charged with administering it. This treasure has been known by many names including Yamashita's Treasure, The Golden Lily Treasure, The Black Eagle Fund and many other off shoots. This amazing revelation became known to the public with the 2003 release of the book Gold Warriors: America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold written by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave.(2) Given that the total amount of gold ever mined in the world is estimated to be only about 160,000 tons, this gold discovery created both a blessing and a curse for the United States over the years.

The announcement of this gold find in the 1940's would have crushed the value of monetary gold around the world, and since the US Government was the largest holder of monetary gold, it would have significantly devalued our sacred Constitutional money. There also would be many claims from other Asian countries that the gold belonged to them thus upsetting the balance of power and wealth in the region. The US decided to keep this treasure a secret and what grew from this treasure trove was a twisted, deceitful and corrupt secret cabal of insiders that literally believed they ruled the world. Every US President since Truman has known about this secret treasure and the organizations that grew up around it. The institutions that were involved with this treasure are vast and powerful including JP Morgan, Citigroup, AIG, the World Bank, Morgan Stanley and the list goes on and on. Washington power players from the early days of Bill Donovan and Edward Casey to modern times with the Bushes and Dick Cheney have used this treasure trove to advance their agendas. Today they are known as "The Enterprise" and are now the evil step child of the United States that no one dare speak of.

From the end of WWII until the early 2000's this group has worked in the shadows and went virtually unnoticed implementing covert policies on unsuspecting counties around the world. In addition to advancing their national agendas they also were corrupted by the wealth that the treasure provided lining their own pockets along the way. Much of this operation was run out of the NSA and CIA through programs discussed in John Perkins book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman"(3). Since the publication of this book many EHM's have come out of the shadows to tell their stories.
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Through all this madness the Federal Reserve Bank was for the most part run by people who were not part of the banking cabal and actually had the best interest of the United States in mind. Many of them knew of the dark side of their banking lineage but I believe many were not part of the banking cabal -- at least not at first. One of the most honest of the Fed Chairmen was Arthur Burns who was a very strong advocate of the Gold Standard in his early days and also just happened to be the mentor to a brilliant young economist named Alan Greenspan.(4) To this day this frame of the Wishes and Rainbows comic released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston shines like a beacon of hope that someday this cabal of bankers will be defeated.

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