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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Secret Gold in the Grand Canyon

MacKenna's Gold starring Gregory Peck and Omar Shariff alludes to secret Gold stashed in the Grand Canyon. Hollywood often communicates the truth through story. If you want to know what is happening in the battle between secret societies than you need to watch some film! Bix Weir of Roadtoroota.com claims that the U.S. government has nationalized the parks to protect the Gold hordes to be taken out at a later date, when the Fed is dead and we return to Gold/Silver backed money. That time is now as the signs are all their. Germany is paying off their World War I debt on Sunday. The Treasury can pay off the Fed with a similar paltry amount.

The U.S. CivilFlag may be the flag of the newly restored Republic and Ron Paul may be the President. Stay tuned for more cool shit. Buy Silver if you want to support the return of a Constitutionally based Government. Silver is the achilles heel to expose the paper fraud in the metal markets.

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