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Friday, July 25, 2008

Ford may go Bankrupt. U.S. Auto Industry in Meltdown

Ford and GM may both go bankrupt, another sign of the impending economic collapse. The only solution is a return to a fixed metal-backed monetary system as advocated by our Constitution, Ron Paul and GoldMoneybill.org. The New Hampshire Gold currency bill that may be re-introduced this winter in the State legislature, the bill can be found at Goldmoneybill.org.

By: Nadeem_Walayat
The Ford motor companies stock price fell sharply by more than 10% following news of a worse than expected second quarter record loss of $8.7 billion, this follows a first quarter profit of $100 million. Ford has been witnessing a near meltdown in sales from a year earlier with auto sales down 28%, and truck sales down 36%, as following the surge in gas prices the once profitable SUV's have now become a liability by clogging up dealer forecourts with unsold inventory and thus contributing to the sales meltdown.The stock price seems destined towards a break of 23 year lows seen at the start of this month.

The company also saw revenues plummet from $44.2 billion to 38.6 billion. Ford announced a series of initiatives in an attempt at revive the auto companies fortunes including:

• Developing new fuel efficient small cars and crossovers to North American product lineup. This includes six European small vehicles that are coming to the North American market.
• Converting three large truck and SUV plants to small car factories with retooling to begin this December.
• Upgrading of the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models by end of 2010.
• Doubling hybrid vehicle production and models during 2009.
• Doubling the capacity for North American four-cylinder engines by 2011.
• Ford also aims to improve fuel economy on every new model.

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