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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Now the Cafr Funds are tough to wrap your head around, that there is a 60 Trillion dollar Surplus nationwide. How could that be? How could a fraud this large be so throughly prepetrated? EGO according to Walter Burien. We are so hung up on our own supposed intelligence that we can't see the forest from the trees. We do after all, drink Fluoridated water without a second thought, take chemicals into our body, without a giving a hoot about the consequences to our holy temple. Olestra...need I say more.
So read this article through and re-read it as homework, then go to Walter site and digest the mountain of info there. This is more important than restoring the Gold Standard at this point. First, uncover the massive deception and then fix the problem; which is the use of paper as money. 100 years from now, our descendants will be scracthing their heads, wondering how we could kill each other over paper. Step on our fellow man for paper.
The first thing to understand is that shell games are very profitable. Government expanded their "gross" income as they continued to raise their "tax" income. In doing so, the public's focus was on battling increases in tax income looking at "Budget Reports" and were kept oblivious to governments ever-growing "non-tax income" (CAFR or AFR Reports a 136,000 reports and growing)

The public maintained the illusion that government "survived" off of tax income, (with the help of the bought and paid for Media and Political talking heads monopoly) and as of 2000 only 1/3rd of the gross income when looking at the big picture was tax income.

Now here is the key for comprehension: Government's attitude was; Anything we collect in tax income we are responsible to the public for oversight and disclosure given to the public. Anything we accomplish pertaining to our gross income that is non-tax income, we are only accountable to ourselves and we can invest, spend, and transfer that income as we choose without public oversight and disclosure given. Well, that amount has now blossomed into 2/3rds of the gross income. Publicly promoted budget reports given for public consumption are almost exclusively showing tax income.

The psychology behind maintaining this shell game can be explained with a basic analogy: If you have two neighbors, Steve on the left and Dick on the right.

If Dick every other week knocked on your door to borrow money for this that and the other thing, you would avoid him like the plague, and cringe if you know he is going to or was knocking on your door. You try not to think of him at all.

Now on the other hand if Steve knocked on your door every other week to invite you to fly to Zurich, Munich, Belize, etc., in his personal jet, you are watching him like a hawk, every single move he makes, with patient anticipation of Steve knocking on your door again. You think about him often.
The biggest problem in breaking the veil of illusion with the middle and some of the upper class is ego: "They could not have pulled this off right under my nose, I am an intelligent person and savvy on world social and business affairs."

When these people take the time to independently look for the first time, do the math and then comprehend, then the next phase is depression: "They did it, it is to late now, it is to big, we will never be able to change it.". At that point I tell them to stop their whining, and that they "did it" over the last seventy-five years and that is a snap of the finger time wise. With unified force and comprehensive applied application, it can be corrected in ten to fifteen years, AND as a result all taxation can be phased out and an economy established that will be so prosperous, it will be the definition and start of what is called in biblical terms, the Millennium!...
The "Silence is Golden" routine funneled down from the top maintaining a void of comprehension that was truly golden for them in the conquest / takeover game.

1. Per composite Government, they ALREADY took it all over by investment! In fact many local governments fund their own debt through the back door and promote for repayment by the public at the front door locking in an investment return and ever increasing power base of standing liquid assets.

2. Any "state retirement fund" as are all other local governments retirement funds, they are; "strictly participatory". The employees do not own 1c of those funds they buy a ticket to ride, and the local governments own those funds. These funds are those local government's power base of control, of which they fudge the actuarial projections constantly to inflate the base of those funds. These funds were the primary tool used for government to take it all over by investment.

Government in its own greed and through the use of select off-shore trading accounts has sucked (for a hand to the other hand transfer) a few trillion dollars in total out of many of these funds through derivative market manipulations, to justify a further drain on the people for refunding, and build their investment takeover capital further both seen (domestically managed funds) and unseen (offshore managed funds).

That is why I have said several times over the last five months; "An audit of government's off-shore management funds both directly or indirectly managed is urgently needed to determine the net results of the recent global market manipulations." TRF funds will stabilize government retirement benefits for all government employees with a direct cash deduction payout as needed to those employees and will be done so not even touching a small fraction of the TRF overall fund balances year to year and at the same time pay for the same local government's budgetary expenses. (No taxation needed!)

3. Being that "Government has already taken it all over by investment" the TRF comes in and reverts ownership back to direct benefit to the people through phasing out "all taxation", the biggest organized crime inflicted on the population of this earth, and makes visible the hidden influence peddling for profit accomplished to start war, genocide, or stripping of taxpayer revenue into shill investments held to guarantee a massive profit for the inside players at taxpayer expense and loss, with this being the second biggest crime on earth.
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