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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Constitutional Homeland Security Book by Dr. Edwin Vieira

Constitutional Homeland Security
A Call for Americans to revitalize the Militia of the Several States. Vol. I Our Republic is on the verge of Revolution with inhabitant unrest fearing; the burgeoning police state under a neo-fascist "homeland security" banner...the cultural and economic threat of unchecked Mexican immigration...the increasing strictures on our God-given rights, the second and fourth amendments. The fake War on Terror conceived to eliminate our rights.

How in the world can the citizens of these 50 sovereign States, return to the liberty and self-government that was guaranteed in our founding documents, the Declaration, Articles and the U.S. Constitution?

In this little guidebook for American citizens, constitutional scholar Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr leads us back to the rule of law, step by constitutional step! What an erudite, plain-speaking, and eminently "do-able" plan the author presents!

This is no guidebook for rifle-toting "Montana Freemen" nut-cases; it is a measured, historically documented plan of action for truly reclaiming our liberty and our "homeland security", one neighborhood at a time, in concert with local "first responders" (police, fire dept, EMS, et al) but entirely on a volunteer basis: orderly, law-abiding, serious-minded citizenship, just as our colonial-era forefathers -- and the framers of the Constitution -- intended!

After you read this book (believe me, you'll be full of hope and ready to say, "Let's Roll!") just imagine the 4th of July, 2010...in 535 American towns and cities, holding an "AMERICA AGAIN!" rally, to institute the "Citizens' Homeland Security Associations" that Dr. Vieira introduces in this masterful book! I tell you, never in my life have I had such hope in the future of this republic -- if only people will read such books as this one, and actually take them to heart.
This book is the basis of the revitalized militia, it is a blueprint for implementing a well regulated militia in modern times called the committees of Safety.

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