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Thursday, December 17, 2009

GoldMoneyBill.org Fundraiser

The fundraiser is to help offsets the costs of maintaining the website. The Goldmoney bill orginally was created for the state of New Hampshire. Although the bill did not pass, it has spawned an awareness to return to sound money. Currently there are 6 states that have Gold bills on the table. Sound Money is a basis of a Constitutional government. Your rights are based on the back of a metal-backed currency. The term coin money was put in the constitution, because it was integral to a just government backed by the rule of law. The creation of the Federal Reserve and the revocation of the Gold standard are the causes of the destruction of the American Republic.
The most fundamental change to bring back a just and legitimate government is the return of a metal-backed sound money. If I make the $300 goal, I will be selecting at random one lucky person for a 1oz U.S. Silver Eagle.

Goldmoneybill.org to download the Gold Money Bill for your state.

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